The New Scramble For Africa Begins

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Brick, Apr 20, 2008.

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  1. I ran across this comment piece a few days ago and thought I'd share since it's fairly interesting. So do people agree or disagree with the general argument of it? It's certainly got some basis in history, witness France monkeying about with Gabon and Niger to keep control of and access to the local uranium deposits for their civilian and military programs or China protecting Sudan politically in return for being able to buy their oil. Are we going to return back to the days of 'He might be a bastard, but he's our bastard' ala the Cold War?
  2. The Chinese have been sewing up Africa for years, this article is rather out of date and poorly informed, as usual with the UK Press it focus's on the old 'colonial Powers' despite the fact they have not been a real force for decades and also has a swipe at the Yanks.

    China has been playing a very long game in Africa, current policy is building on the largeness of Mao's infrastructure gifts, China wants African resources, a manufacturing base for very cheap goods for the Chinese domestic market (yes Africans do work more cheaply than Chinese and China has a real and growing labour shortage - 2 million job vacancies in Guandong alone), and useful levers of International influence.

    China's only real serious competitor in Africa is India. Now The Africans have a choice of two Anglophile Nations to do business with (huzzah!),It really does not matter what historical baggage UK & EU 'commentators' wish to lard their 'insights' with, Africa will be carved up by Chinese and Indian interests for the next generation at least. Until Africa can produce real leaders of quality rather than just more members of the 'Benz tribe' it will always be so.
  3. It is obvious to those who care that this century belongs to Asia.

    On my recent trips to the (ahem) Dark Continent, the Chinese seem to have a very strong hold on the place.

    Iraq is bleeding us dry and like the Brits in the 1920s we will wake up eventually to the fact that while we were engaged in a pointless war, the rest of the world moved on.

    Without us.

  5. My personal opinion is that the 'Scramble for Africa' never stopped. It was always driven by private interest, there just became less governmental involvement. The Cecil Rhodes of this world went straight on fighting, manoeuvring and bribing their way to influence, they just call themselves things like 'Mark Thatcher' nowadays.