The New Robin Hood

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by LankyPullThrough, Oct 8, 2006.

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  1. Any opinions to be had on BBC 1's revisiting of the classic story?

    Personally, I was quite looking forward to this but was taken aback to find Robin looking about 12 years old despite supposedly returning from years of Crusades' combat. He was not exactly grizzled, despite Colonel Tim Collins serving as on-set advisor and (according to his account in The Mail on Sunday) getting him to act like the Lion of Pansjir.

    I yielded the remote to the memsahib after about 10 minutes on deciding that this version was not so much men in tights as complete pants. Anyone more impressed out there who can convince me it's worth another shot next week?
  2. I thought it was good entertainment. I enjoyed it, but I guess I am just easily pleased
  3. No cars, living green, taxed to high heaven, a despot dictator , troops way on wars as part of crusades, rough justice ,its nothing like real life

    OOer Armadillo
  4. Hee, hee. Well put Armadillo. Not only are the troops away, they are away fighting Muslims, people being imprisoned without trial... in fact I think I'll change my Hee, hee to a Boo hoo! :cry:
  5. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    it looked like a pile of pants in the ads and didn't bother clicking to watch it. Mrs H asked how many times you can remake the same story...
  6. Don't know, how many times have you been telling her about the furry rabbit you saw hurt on your way back from the pub and had to take to Mrs Tiggywinkle's ER? Where the nurse kissed you for being kind but unfortunately spilled medical alcohol on your clothes, causing you to step back sharply onto a display of bio-friendly cosmetics resulting in a lipstick mark on your collar...

    I quite liked it because it was funny, nay even witty and my three year old daughter liked it - especially the gruesome hanging scenes. However she did ask when dr Who was going to be on again so not a complete success on the Fenianette's part! :twisted:
  7. RTFQ


    Maid marion is a moose and the soundtrack lacks any form of synth-based Clannad.

    It's shoite - and I bet Herne never makes an appearance.
  8. It failed to live up to its own hype.

    Maid Marion of Mooseshire would only get it after a LOT of beer. Robin Hood looks like the sort of chav druggie scum I see daily on the streets of Blackpool.

    Bring back "Maid Marion and her merry men"
  9. Was that a 70's porn film?
  10. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Bloody hell Cuddles, are you that nurse?
  11. The chain mail on the guards is just printed on to plastic.. and they all look too bloody clean..
  12. I have to agree that Robin looks a bit rough. The sherif of nottingham could do with a slap and as for the moose you are all refering to my mates pet rat is probably be better looking.
  13. I'll second that! :D
  14. Might be....

    Look here, calling Maid Marian a moose just exposes you all for the shirt-lifting, sub-size, boyish figured modelizers that you all are. She is healthy and far from moose like, possibly a fallow but more on the roe side. I'd definitely clash antlers with the others and then rut her, barking and calling while my little white scut twitched around, hooves slithering over her back, horns clashing against horns....mmmm...I think I need a salt-lick and a lie down.
  15. At least for once they've got the accent correct.

    WTF :!: