The New Reserve Forces Medal

At the risk of incurring verbal assault from the regulars here and appearing as a "gong hunter"; does anyone have any details of the new Reserve Forces Medal?

I have seen nothing in writing but such details as I have picked up so far are that it is for:

All Ranks
All Services
10 Years Service


Regular Service to count half up to a maximum of two years.


War Hero
Sounds bout right not sure of previous reg service details. repalces TA Long service medal and Territorial Decoration(officers only). And years covered are for efficient service ie years qualified for bounty. eg i've been in 16years but only qualified for it last year cause of years of missed bounty. Still waiting to get the bloody thing though admin up to usual standard. Have been asked at least 5 times if I want VRSM or wait and qualify for TD. Am entitled to either as I comissioned just before VRSM came into being.
For what it is worth, I'd say hang on for the TD.  Apart from the dubious honour of the post nominals, it now has a built in rarity value.

I know of various individuals aiming to hand back a clasp or two from their TD to get the additional VRSM.  What I have not seen is the Regular Service part of the equation written anywhere.  It certainly never counted towards the TD or TEM.


Like nurse I have been asked numerous times which I'd like to opt for, TD or VRSM. Each time I have said TD and asked politely what service with the Regulars counts for towards it. The best response I have had is that it neither counts for nor against. Considering that my Regular service was on SSVC I think that this is a bit cheap to say the least. Meanwhile I stag on waiting for my TD.
The Reserve Forces, quite understandably, are well down the batting order when it comes to the Medal Office so that helps explain some of the time lag.  From my own experience part of the delay is understanding the regulations.  I read the regs for the TD and discussed with assorted clerks and Adjts and our understanding was for 12 complete training years with at least 10 camps.  I joined the TA as an Lt in the latter half of a trg yr in 1981 and did not get a bounty for 92/93 & 93/94 being unposted.  On that basis the application did not go in until 1996.  I was somewhat surprised to note that when I received the TD in 1997 that it was effective 1993.  I contacted the Medal Office and they said it was 12 years from commissioning!  Perhaps it says something about the quality of the service writing of the regulations that some many of us had got it wrong.  The upshot was that even with two duff years I was well on the way to my first clasp (presentation now due in a couple of months).

I have always said that when I no longer enjoy the TA I would hang up my boots.  However, each year is a domestic "battle" between my wife and the TA (and as I get older, my body as well).  I have used the TD and clasp as a lever to stay in, along the line "Just another two years until I'm due my.....".  I'm now running low on ammo unless I now aim for the VRSM (a second clasp cuts no ice and I am not in the running for a SO1's slot).  The only problem is that if my regular RN service is counted it knocks off a couple years of TA service as far my arguments go.  Hey Ho!  The trials of life in a part time green suit.

Mr Happy

Completely uninformed but if I recall properly it is:

10 years service in the RESERVE FORCES (the clue is in the name guys) of which all 10 must have been bounty earning and no more than.... 2 years are a break (not sure on that bit).  Having been in since 1989 I'm struggling to achieve this due to two missed years and a third year missed due to S type engagement (old name for FTRS).  Either that of the Regt Clerk is conning me out of a bottle of whisky and 200 fags....

Roll on clinking gongs...

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