The new Quarter (Contains multiple large images)

New section to RnR island, properties available to rent. So I went and had a look.
The available street:

First up is 'Tactical Advantage' run by Gunner Bashly.

Great shop, and gives a few freebies, including the M60:

Looks good, wildly inaccurate on range.

The Russian AWP:

Looks great. Weapon none function able.

Noticed theres a store across the street.

Some kit here also.

These shops have just recently started up, so the merchandise and content is under development. Go check them out and say hello.
Thanks for the kit Gunner Bashly.
No problem, Mate. I'll upgrade that AWP freebie to include a second rifle if I can't get the script to work. Thanks for the heads-up.

Hmmm... the shop across the street... run by a Bunny Boiler alt. Avoid any close personal contact.
I went and tested out that rifle... you have to enter "mouselook" by clicking the edit tab on the top left. Rifle seems to group fairly well, firing offhand at 25 meters... one ragged hole, 4th target from the left:


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