The new Premiership Season - Your predictions

So, its nearly uppon us and I want your serious, UNBIASED predictions for the season. So

Premiership - Chelsea, Liverpool, ManUtd

FA Cup - Totenham

League Cup - Charlton

(notice nothing for the Arse this year)

As for the Arrse league, well its a forgon conclusion :D
Unbiased you said,Arse hater.

Prem Arsenal Chelsea


FA Cup Newcastle

League Cup - Accrington Stanley/Aston Villa

Relegated - Sheff utd Watford Boro


Prem League: Chelski

FA Cup: Arsenal

League Cup: Arsenal B team

Champs league: Not Chelski

2009 Conference: Chelsea

2010 LDV vans: Chelsea Phoenixes
Ventress said:
Prem League: Chelski

FA Cup: Arsenal

League Cup: Arsenal B team

Champs league: Not Chelski

2009 Conference: Chelsea

2010 LDV vans: Chelsea Phoenixes
Ventress, were you once buggered by a chelsea fan?
League: Liverpool/Chelsea
F.A Cup:Man UTD
League Cup:Newcastle/West Ham
Champs League:Barcelona
What team is going to upset all the pundits by having a blinder up to christmas.I think Reading will do a Wigan and be up in the top 6 for a good while.Or am I talking sh*te
Don't care. You wouldn't if you where a Wanderer's fan. I face another nine months of coasting along someplace between tenth and third, never quite good enough to mount a serious challenge and losing to a sloppy goal in the 98th minute of every game, the only goals we do score coming from Kevin Davies when the oppo keeper bounces it off his arrse, but not thankfully not bad enough to face relegation, ever again.

Still, I love 'em, and I couldn't support another team, ever. So long as we do Man U and Chelski don't bag five against us again.

Edited cuz i cant spel in it :oops:
I'll stay loyal to my team and humbly believe that Aston Villa will clear up this season
I'd agree with Morty, I dont care either as a Villa fan.
Im so used to see them doing well up until christmas then become a bunch
of useless cnuts. Happens every year.
Maybe the new manager can pull something out of the bag...............

Doubt it.
well I would expect sale and Wasps to dominate the Premiership but we should also watch out for Irish and Quins. Leicester can never be disregarded but I think they will merely be pace-makers not setters. Bath would be a good shout for relegation as sadly so should be Worcester - who seemed every week last season to be signing off.

Oh sorry...that other code of football? Oh, well then whoever has the most money. Probably.
Premiership - Liverpool
FA Cup - Hastings United
League Cup - Bolton

Champions' (sic) League - Porto
UEFA Cup - Newcastle

Spurs will have a good season, but will be runners-up in everything as they are felled at the last hurdle by an increasingly-imaginative 'Highbury Poisoner'.

Wayne Rooney will get sent off

Terry Venables will take an unexpectedly large portion of the England players' pool.

Chelsea will again be underwritten to the tune of £100 per seat per match (do the math!)

An England player will learn to speak English and have something worthwhile to say.

The first Premiership outfit to part company with their manager will be Blackburn, but no-one will care.
Cuddles what about Saries,now theres a rugby side with money.Quins will be mid table might even be in relegation trouble again.Irish were a one of and the mob near you at kings will do well.Bath and Bristol mediocre again this season with a few exciting games thrown in to keep the rec happy.Worcester will be fighting relegation and sale and wasps to fight out top slot with wasps taking the title.Leicester urrghh.

Rugby should have a thread of its own but this is just for cuddles
Chelsea - Champs
Liverpool - Runners Up

FA Cup - Spurs
League Cup - Boro

UEFA Cup - not Newcastle!!


Sheff Utd

Up the Boro!!
Rugby does have threads of its own...I just like to wind up people who think "football" is something played with a badly inflated ball and who hate it being called "soccer". "Soccer", there I've said it again.

No I am not eight years old. No I am already quite grown up enough. I just feel full of whimsy today and I think I shall make everyone call me Beryl! Like some over-paid soccer-ball player...
Webb Ellis had a sisiter called Beryl . She went on to represent weston-super-mare amateur ladies soccer team in their unbeaten 10 game run in the bridal path league of somerset.She was the highest paid soccer player of her generation.Had a habit of picking the ball up though stupid cow***

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