The New Premiership Season Starts 2nd Sep

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_baron, Aug 19, 2006.

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  1. Just a few questions to kick start the debate for the new season.

    1. Should the Premiership be decided by a play-off?
    2. Will the Premiership give a good indication of how RWC 2007 will go for England?
    3. More importantly who will win?

    Personally I've always been a fan of the play-off system, especially if the league carries on during the Test periods (and its not because I'm a Wasps fan). Most of the major leagues in the world are decided in a play-off system.

    Having watch the Tri-Nations so far I don't think England will have much of a chance of defending their RWC title. I just don't think there is enough time left to build a decent team.

    I think Wasps will make the play-offs this year which usually goes their way.

    I would've added a poll but it spat the dummy when I entered all 12 teams. :cry:
  2. Oh, your on about egg chasing....

    1. Who cares
    2. Probably not
    3. See 1
  3. Ruggers!!!!! Good OH.

    A sport played with an egg in the football.

    See above posters 1 and 2 and 3.
  4. I was excited when coming into this thread until i got to question 2 then realised it was that on about the egg chasing game.

    I dont think its an egg in the ball more like a jumping bean
  5. Right time for a wee edit of the post title to prevent any further confusion. :?

    In fact could we not have a sticky to contain all the kissball posts?

    Pull pin and throw. Now duck for cover! :twisted:
  6. For a 3000 word article on why rugby is better than football get a hold of this months Rugbyworld magazine. You'll never kick a round ball again after reading that....

    Anyway, back to the questions,

    1. No it shouldn't be decided by play-offs. Its just another money spinner for the TV people.
    2. Lets face it we haven't got a chance. England might reach the semi's but thats it.
    3. Leicester Tigers of course.
  7. The ball is actually spherical. And peanut hugging is played by failed fat footballers with inside out ears.
  8. I'm not a rugger fan but I remember a couple of seasons ago Gloucester walked away with the Premiership title by a huge amount of points only to lose to the distant second placed team in the final.

    Gloucester lost the final due to end of season tiredness. They put their backs into winning games throughout to ensure they were top only to lose out to this ridiculous and unfair final, not to mention a tough European campaign. In footie the play-offs between teams finishing 3rd to 6th is controversial enough especially when the gap is so many points. But the top 2 teams in the league to play off is mad.

    That's like Chelsea playing Man Utd who were miles behind Chelsea.

    At least Tom Walkinshaw was gracious enough that day to admit that the rules are the same for everyone. Though I suspect his personal thougts were 'Fcuk, not only has my F1 team gone down the pan I've to put up with this shite too'!
  9. Personally i don't realli like the play-off system i thinks its quite pointless, where it gives a chance 4 the team that do the best in the season by coming top to lose the title in the play-offs, for example wasps come 3 or 2 like 2 n 3 seasons ago n ended up wining.
    Being a fan i would like Newcastle to win, but i don't think thats going to happen, n RWC 2007 not realli sure nething could happen!
  10. Ah that'll be the 2003/04 season when Wasps had 7 guys away at the RWC 2003, whilst the season was still be played. I think that's one of the main reasons why the play-offs are needed and are used by all the top rugby leagues in the world.

    Why should teams that produce and have more than their fair share of internationals playing for them be punished when Test matches are played and the leagues continue?

    Oh yeah before I forget 'tough European campaign'... Wasp lifted the Euro Shield in 2003/04 then the following year won the Premiership and the European Cup!

    Once a Wasps. Always a Wasp. :wink:
  11. Fair cop Baron. But it just seems unfair that's all. Maybe, like with footie, there's too many games in a season for players and teams to be able to give each game full beans ahead.