The New PFA and the TA


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Well educated TA Bastard if you don't mind, you thick reg cunt.
And as a number of hobbyists who post on here seem unable to grasp, education doesn't necessarily equate to intelligence.
I predict multi-capbadge embedded reserve sub-units in reg units, thereby getting rid of the RHQs, the FTRS, the PSAOs etc and all of the reserve specific enablers...
This has actually worked quite well for my unit. Our parent regiment, have given us a role that needs to be done, but is (relatively) easy to train up for part time. EDITED to add, the only difference is that for us our unit has gone from multi capbadge to single capbadge. When we need chefs, REME etc these are provided simply, by our parent regiment.


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Glad i used the search function as i was going to ask nearly the same question! Apparently this new PFA takes 4 hours to take ten guys through? How could that work with the Reserves? Historically the PFA has been done on a tuesday night, and the CFT is either on a different evening or a weekend, but 4 hours is too long for an evening, and is nearly half a day training time, so at least a quarter of a weekend might be taken doing the test.
Might there be additional training days be set aside to get troops through it, or just get it done on a normal weekend?
Hi All,

At the moment AR are able to practice the situps/pushups/walk/run, at home, in their own time, without any special equipment or supervision.

All New Improved PFA appears to use a load of equipment, with new techniques and training. Plus, supervision for safety. So when will the AR get the chance to learn and practice? At the moment it's tough enough getting someone in just to supervise the old PFA.

I can see a lot of injuries looming due to insufficient preparation.
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