The new Official Opposition: Gordon Brown MP

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Jan 19, 2005.

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  1. From today's Independent. This is of course no more than a write-up of tomorrow's publication of Peston's biography of the Chancellor, but perhaps we havent heard the last of this story:
  2. While no lover of this government by any means, he has raised some very valid points.

    A great pity the opposition parties in the house are so inept, reminds me of a rudderless ship. :(

    Not good for the country or the Nation, Brown is the better of the two.

    What a state to get into, when thats the only choice we are likely to get :evil:
  3. Yes he has raised some good points, but remember, he is a politician. Politician = lying bstard.

    Loss of trust in politicians? I never had any to lose!
  4. Hold on a minute!!!!! Loss of trust in the Government over Irac!!!! Isn't this the same git!!! who brought in HOW MANY STEALTH TAXES!!!!!!!!!!

    For Gods sake lets not let this one in the door!!!!!!!!! :evil: :evil:

    He will have every working man in the UK bankrupt by the end of his term in office!!!!!!!! :evil:
  5. About £5k a year's worth.....

    And he wants to give MORE power to the cabinet? The ones that can now practically rule by diktat??? Jeebus...
  6. Last time i read about it it was 67 stealth taxes! (and that was over a year ago!) :evil:

    It's all very well wanting to get the public on your side by proving that a war is legal, but what happens when we have to go in and sort something out, regardless if it is legal or not. If he publishes the proof that it was illegal, he will leave himself, the MOD, and soldiers on the ground open to action from the International criminal court. Can see it now. Mr Brown and company up at the hague explaing why they suddenly felt the need to kick bobby mugabe's cnut in :twisted:
  7. Mr Brown's suggestions sound most admirable.

    No doubt he will be able to fully justify his proposed contribution to reducing African debt with British taxpayers' money in the face of the pensions crisis facing those same taxpayers.

    As he seems to favour a formal constitution I assume we can look forward to the imminent repeal of the Civil Contingencies Act which overrides all such rights?

    I can't understand why my Bullsh*t Detector is going off the scale.
  8. Actually I dont personally share that worry, Agent_Smith. The Defence Chiefs quite rightly insisted at the time on getting a written opinion from the Attorney General before going to war.

    The AG certainly took his time about it and you can draw your own conclusions from that, and his delay may have been one of the factors in the late logistic preparations, late call-ups of reservists leading to inadequate weapons tests in some cases, etc etc.

    However, having got the opinion from the Government's top legal adviser, whilst it turns out there were doubts amongst more 'junior' Government lawyers the Defence Chiefs had no obligation to 'second-guess' the AG's formal opinion.

    Even if the ICC or other forum were eventually to find that the AG's opinion was wrong and that the strategic decision to attack Iraq was in some way 'illegal', I do not see any way in which commanders and soldiers at any level could be prosecuted simply for taking part in the action in accordance with HMG's orders. Not a legal opinion obviously but soldiers are entitled, indeed IMHO obliged, to take their Government's apparently legal orders on trust even if that trust later turns out to be unjustified.
  9. widespread cynicism from the electorate has a lot to do with that tight fisted fifer raising taxes through the backdoor, then blathering on about, prudence, fiscal responsibility, blah blah, whilst the City panics about taxes on pension funds, double taxation on profits, lack of internal investment support from the government and the ever expanding welfare state.

    the man is a cn*t and anyone who thinks that Gordon would adhere to any of these policies when he gets in charge needs to get off the medication.