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24Fannies ?

That would be purile.

Does everyone realise we can kill it before it starts? Once the 24 nuts read the crap we post all over the forums, they won't even bother to register.

:) :twisted:
Are you sniper800 as he has posted some funny stuff which i know will piss of real fans of 24?

Day 7 - not a lot happens on day 7. It is a day for refelction and contemplation for us all. Of course, this is merely the lull before the storm that starts on...

keep it up:D

A new place to play....nice..

want to ask how come Kiefer can run around a whole day and never eat or take a dump...
Have just nipped over there and noticed the newest user (of a massive 10) is called 'philisaprick' - an arrser by any chance? Won't be long before you get banned - you naughty person! :lol:

Leave it.

Sprogs watch UF, give them a chance.

My personal advice is, don't waste your time.

We've had our amusement, let's move on.

wasn't he supposed to start a Bad Girl's fan site or something?
Things are hotting up at

whereas things are going completely stodgy at

Keep it up guys

:D :D :D
I ALMOST feel sorry for Phill. He's cought the ARRSE virus and will never get rid of it.

BFG, did you remember the extra "=" this time? :wink:
My First post, been reading Arrse for ages, so thought i'd better contribute at some point.
find myself laughing outloud loads, this is what its all about, the UF and 24 site, the parody's are very funny, poor Phil. but makes my day and night, though.

keep it up,



Phuill must be making serious dosh from these sites


Thanks - must remember not to click on any on the links.


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At least there will only be sensible adult moderation on UF now:

Phill said:
LooLoo in 2.5 hours time will be upgraded to "grade 2" admin. Grade 2 admin, will have full control of this forum, but not the rest of the network.

She will be taking control of most of the forum, and will once again get it back on track.

She has instructions to delete what and ban who she sees fit. I ask you all to support her.

I have noticed upon my brief return that there are some people questioning the integrity of staff here. The Staff are accountable to me, and me only. Sorry to sound harsh, but they are all fed up of being questioned.

If you have a problem or an issue with staff, send a complaint to

Many Thanks

From Phill Walker
I've said my goodbyes......

Beebs said:
Shall we who are so obviously amongst looloo's hit list make our good byes now then?
Great site, cr*p choice of moderation selection.
looloo has a tendancy to over react and bully.
Her attitude is based on her role in life as a mother and she sees those here as an extension of this and therefore an unrule bunch of children she can't quite control and who must, in her mind, be beaten down and silenced.
Good luck!

Beebs :lol:
Beebs x

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