The new Mustang

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by RCSignals, Oct 23, 2004.

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  1. [​IMG]

    What do you think?
  2. First impression, looks very chunky.

    I would have thought more attention to the styling (sleeker ) :)
  3. Let me guess what is on the Optional extras list:

    Number plate: CHAV 1
    Gold chain hanging off rear view mirror.
    Little dog in rear window with noddy head.
    Little bits of carpet under each wheel. I hate that. You think you get them when you buy the car but when it turns up the little bits of carpet are missing.
  4. It does, but I think it may just be the picture and the odd reflections on the car
  5. Here's another

  6. This must be the cheaper one. There's no little bits of carpet under the wheels.
  7. Probably in back with the spare.
  8. Yep the second photo, does it more justice :)
  9. its a less eelegant far more vulgar attempt at a DB8

    no cigar..... its minging
  10. i see they've followed the usual american styling and streamlining method
    "it's a bit flat at the front and not very fast , and handles like an epileptic covered in fairy liquid"

    "er.....well put a bigger goddam engine in it then" :)
  11. Looks like a shit American rip-off of a classic Aston Martin.
  12. Its shite...Endex!


    Now thats a motor. Classy, sleek, elegant, quicker than greased weasle sh1t and British!
  13. That new Mustang looks rather like a Mondeo on steroids. Look at the wheel arches and the curve on the cabin roof - no originality there at all. Do they do it with Burberry interior? im sure it would sell well here if they did...
  14. i believe this is what our colonial cousins call a "muscle car"

    here in blighty , we would call it a "sphincter muscle car" :)
  15. Sorry shortfuse, as usual, you are wrong. Mustangs were never muscle cars, not enough horsepower.

    It does remind me of shortfuse: short, fat and ugly as hell. :D