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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Civi_Git, Dec 24, 2009.

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  1. Just came across this cheeky wee trailer on my travels , anyone else interested?

    Sandy places - check
    Men with big ally beards - check
    Stealthily stabbing sentries - check
    Helicopter gunship first person - check

    Ticking alot of CoD MW boxes, I just hope it has a bit more substance , coz it looks great !

    MP is being made by dice (them wot done the battlefield games), so will hopefully top activisions MP work in the CoD series.

    Whaddya reckon?
  2. after the last shower of shit EA/MOH decided to push out for the sake of knocking out a game i hope this one does the trailer justice and restores my faith!
  3. dice havent let me down to date, hope Moh finally gets back in the game again.
  4. Well, after all the hype of MoH: Airborne and being let down again, I'm sceptical that the game will 'wow' me. Mind you, there still is a little bit at the back of my mind which can't wait.

    **Edited to Add**:- That bloke on the website with the gigantic beard... trying to copy that photo of the 'US Spec Ops' soldier thats everywhere on the web?

  5. Well, looks like it won't just be a massive American circle jerk like in all the other MoHs then.

    For some reason.. it looks slightly like you might be one of the Talibs. o_O
  6. I wouldn't even give it a chance, not with all the s**t releases we've seen
  7. Its like CoD ...but its not. simple.
    Medal of Honor was good on the PS1, and lost it a little in Frontline, not been the same since the good old days of the M1 Garand looking like a black plank of wood!!
  8. I just pre-ordered Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It's not out until March, but looks awesome.

    Video here.