The new LE deal

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Sloppy Link, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. Under the new rules, commisioned after 1 Apr, MK1 has to be before LEOC, MK2 and 3xMA modules before eligible for promotion. Transitional arrangements are wooly, someone who was eligible last year but unsuccessful could find himself no longe eligible for this year. Any thoughts? Better still, any definitive document? The ABN is not really clear enough.
  2. How so? If you are already commissioned you are on the old ToS and do not have to transfer unless you want to. If you commission after 1 Apr then you are on the new terms I like the bit about Career Managers will contact individuals to discuss the options-I am waiting with baited breath.
  3. Devex,
    Exactly! Transferring to the new TOS and the implications are quite clear, the question is, if remaining on the old TOS, do the old promotion criteria still apply? Promotion criteria and TOS are two different things. I also picked up on the term Career Manager. Two words that seem an oxymoron in this context.
  4. Double tap. D'Oh!
  5. Sloppy

    as far as I can tell if you stay on the old ToS the old rules apply-I am not in the office this week but that was my impression on first reading-I will watch this space and let you and arrse know if I hear any different
  6. Desk Officer reports "carry on normal jogging". Mild panic over.