The New Labour project was always destined to fail

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Apr 3, 2010.

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    The power of language defeated the forces of logic, says Janet Daley.

    "Could it ever have worked? Was New Labour, which seemed to offer the best of all worlds – freedom as well as "fairness", unlimited wealth creation without social inequality, opportunity without the possibility of failure – always a mythical beast? The disillusion has become an epidemic: first the public service professionals – the doctors and teachers – became alienated, even though they were precisely the people who should have been most enthusiastic about the munificent new dispensation. Then it became clear that the equality which this new "social market" was designed to deliver had not materialised: disparities of income and educational achievement were greater than ever. Now the business community, whose support was so essential to the credibility of the reconstructed Left, has repudiated the Labour government: that irreducible core belief in tax-and-spend has finally exhausted the goodwill of those who cannot afford to deny reality any longer.

    So was there ever a plausible Left-wing political programme that could have provided what Labour proposed: a no-risk, no-pain, no-losers version of a free-market economy and – even more important – of a meritocratic society in which individual aspiration would be seen as a virtue rather than a form of selfishness? Even describing the project now makes the contradictions clear. Freedom involves risk, by definition. The possibility of loss is implicit in the concept of enterprise. A dynamic, competitive economy and a socially mobile society necessarily involve the possibility of disparities of achievement and inequalities of outcome."

    Could have told you so OH ! 13 years ago.
  2. So between us that makes 43 years.
  3. Failed?

    They have succesfully dismantled much of the fabric of the UK and destroyed much of what once made us British.
    That is what they set out to do isn't it? They seem to have accomplished that quite effectively.
  4. So tell me, were you expecting to find a considererd, even-handed, fair minded analysis of New Labour's
    performance in the D Mailograph?
  5. Jagman
    Unfortunately I do agree with you.
  6. Disagree, I have two children both aged 13 who are doing amazing at school, thanks to great teachers and equipment. I dread what is going to happen if slimy Dave gets in and destroys their final years with cut backs. My girls have only ever had a Labour government (not perfect by very long way) but when it comes to education I don't think I could do better for them even if I was a toff who could afford to pay for it.
  7. There will be cuts whoever gets in, it is unavoidable, anyone who says different is lying to you.
  8. Totally agree there has to be massive cuts, but who is least likely to slaughter defence and education will probably get my vote. However, when you look at Brown and happy clappy Dave would you trust either to go into a sweet shop with your kids and come out with correct change, never mind run the country. We have a choice of 2 and it's not great is it, Nick Griffin must be laughing his cock off.
  9. 'woolyback_bastard' is fortunate, very fortunate indeed, that his two children are doing well at school. It is arguable that the greatest disgrace, amongst a catalogue of disgraces perpetrated by this abysmal government has been to fail to educate our children adequately.

    'New Labour' was destined to failure because it had no substance, simply 'spin' and 'presentation'. Nowhere in 'New Labour' was there any intellectual aim. There was no concept of direction, only a reliance on being 'different' to the previous 'clapped out' administration.

    From the start 'New Labour' was riven with the fissures twixt 'left' and 'right'; twixt 'New' and 'Old'. The shallow and mainly vacuous Blair did achieve electoral master stroke by appointing the nastiest, ugliest and thickest 'bruiser' from the 'left' to be Deputy Prime Minister - this benefited New Labour, but what a price the nation had to pay?!

    The bearings upon which New Labour revolved during the thirteen years of gross misrule were:

    self interest;
    self aggrandisement;
    pandering to vociferous minorities;
    supine adherence to Europe;
    'class warfare';
    spite and
    unbridled malice.

    A thousand years of history and achievement, destroyed in thirteen years by a facile grinning 'spiv' and a recalcitrant, growling, socially inept, psychotic malcontent.
  10. What New Labour have been about they have largly achieved,

    The destruction of British(and especially English) values.

    The undermining of the work ethic.

    Debasing British culture by implimenting an open door immigration policy.

    The undermining of family values.

    "Tough on crime" ,not.Whilst presiding over the undermining of law and order.

    Politicisation of the civil service.

    Total subserviance to the unelected Brussels dictatorship.

    The then Labour leader being able to make a largly tax-free fortune whilst denieng opportunity to the vast majority of the British population.
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    That's very nice and all that, but if they'd been even remotely competent, and a good deal less corrupt, neither party would be forced to make massive cuts acoss the board, including in education over the next 2 to 3 terms of government.

    You might want to thank Labour for splashing out on schooling, but you can also thank them for the fact that even they admit the coming cuts (including schooling, whether they admit it now or not) will be bigger than Thatcher's ever were in 1980.

    Labour had a great opportunity. They had money in the coffers, and a stable economy. All they had to do was keep the economy from getting overheated, keep government spending at sensible, sustainable levels, keep public and private debt to a minimum, regulate the banks properly and keep our gld fr hard times, just in case.

    They didn't. They royally fcuked up everything hat was within their remit, including our financial futures, such as pensions.
  12. You forgot to add... whilst making themselves rich in the process.
  13. woolyback_bastard, It depends on the school and the area as to whether your kids get a good education or not. In every area, there are good schools and bad ones and the parents know which ones are good and try their damnedest to get their kids into those ones. In my area (Brighton and Hove), the council have started placing children into schools by lottery, which has considerably p!ssed off a lot of local parents. My own sons had an excellent local education in the '80s and '90s solely because they were in the Catholic primary and secondary schools and both went on to University. Despite my personal contempt for the Catholic Church, even I must admit that the education that they give is generally second to none.

    As for the New Labour project, it had me fooled for the first year, then I began to see through the spin and the lies. It was obvious, even from an early stage, that it was all going to end in tears, and the few more astute commentators that said this were usually shouted down (New Labour always plays the man, not the ball). Still, you can fool some of the people all of the time....