The New Jaguar XF

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by k13eod, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. I was lucky enough last night to wangle an invite to a champagne reception for the launch of the new Jaguar XF in Sevenoaks, Kent.

    What an awesome motor! This really is Jaguar arriving in the 21st Century and throwing off the 'old man' image. Audi, BMW and Merc will see executive sales drop in the next couple of years as people opt for the XF (although I am very biased and love Jags anyway).

    Check out the XF here:

    It has also been voted What Car 'Car of the Year 2008' as well as What Car 'Executive Car of the Year 2008'. See here:

    The car will be in the showrooms in March so book yourself a test drive fellers (even if you can't afford one) ... can be done on-line on the Jaguar site.

    Henry Cooper was at the reception last night, not as a guest but as a punter ... if it's good enough for 'Enery, it's good enough for me! I am buying mine end of the year ... b0ll0cks to the kids inheritance!
  2. Or get the cut price version... by the 2007 Ford Mondeo and stick the jaguar badge on it yourself.


    Okay - that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it does share the same chassis and much of the lines/styling are similar.
  3. you are my new bestest friend. yeah its an outstanding car, finally jag have produced something worth bothering your arrse over. fcuking stunning bit of engineering.

    makes the x-type/s-type look exactly like what they are - mondeos.
  4. Hell of an exaggeration mate 8)

    This car does share some Ford parts but is in a completely different league. Lines and styling are superb ... from the side it shares more of a likeness with a Maseratti 420 than a Mondeo. This car is three years in the design and production stage and the inside is very luxurious ... all hand stitched leather and more wood than they have used on a car for a couple of decades.

  5. I hate the X & S Type but they did save Jaguars arrse and keep the marque alive by bringing the badge to the masses. But I do find that X & S Type owners don't really have a clue about Jags ... when I park my XJS next to one they always look puzzled and I have been asked 'What type of car is that then?'

  6. Well, quite. :wink:
  7. For those who missed it....

    beautiful. I want a pay rise.
  8. Only about 60k for the 4.2 super charged model :D

    I'm going for the 2.7 diesel ... I already have a car that can pass most things on the road bar a filling station :x

    With the extras I want it comes in at a tadge over 40k ... and guess who has a savings bond that matures this year that is a tadge over 40k? :D

    The kids can whistle :lol:

    Edited to add: Arby, the picture you posted is the concept model. The production model is a 4 door sports saloon and not a two door coupe 8)
  9. The new Jaguar XF shares absolutely no chassis components with the 2007 Ford Mondeo, or anything else from the Blue oval stable. It is true that to save development costs, the S-Type (the car the XF replaces) was unfortunately developed in conjunction with an American Lincoln model. The current 2007 Ford Mondeo (as with all its predecessors), is front-wheel-drive. The XF is rear-wheel-drive, and used a ZF gearbox.

    Whilst the XF is based on the previous S-Type’s (steel) chassis - the S-Type had been “fettled” twice (the first time by then managing director/CEO Herr Ritzle, he of former BMW fame), and means the new XF has inherited exceptional dynamic qualities, and has already been voted “Best-in-class” by Autocar and What Car? magazines. This week’s Autocar, is to feature a group-test of the XF.

    The engines will continue to be produced within the Ford facility in Wales, but in a dedicated Land-Rover/Jaguar section - even after Ford astonishingly “shrugs-shoulders”, and imminently sells-off Land-Rover/Jaguar.

    Even with my career in automotive manufacturing industry (sales and marketing), Fords decision makes no sense to me. They bear the losses, and incur the development costs, and then take the decision to flog-it-off, just when all their investment is about to show some returns.
  10. [/quote]
    Edited to add: Arby, the picture you posted is the concept model. The production model is a 4 door sports saloon and not a two door coupe 8)[/quote]

    If you look carefully at the picture it is a four door with handles positioned in the corner of the window like on the Alfa 147.

    Getting coat, ringing taxi.
  11. For us urchins over in the Fatherland we can pick up the 2.7D at a smidge under £25K
    Am serously tempted, trouble is the domestic thinks it'll be too big to park and drive around town and blah, blah, blah.............
    So its a toss up between the new A4 (Clit car) or the XF, its all riding on our test drive in a couple of weeks, hope it goes well for the big cat!
  12. Your right, it is four door ... but still the concept ... the real car
  13. And inside ...

    Obviously the front seats are fully forward to give the impression of acres of space in the rear but having sat in one there is plenty of room for a six footer. Headroom in the rear is slightly limited due to the lines of the car.

    The worst bit for me is that if you pop the bonnet you can't see the engine. It has all these pedestrian friendly covers on ... fcuk H&S!!!!
  14. naa thats blown it for me. It looks like a compromise. Who needs 4 doors? fcuk passangers, thats what people carriers were designed for. Gimmie 2 doors, an engine big enough to do 120-130 comfortably on the M1 and enough boot space for the golf clubs. Thats what a man needs in a car, not all this 'practicality' and 'wider market appeal'.
  15. V sexy car that will give the BMW and Mercedes owners a run for their money