The new(ish) defence secretary

Just another labour sh1tehound..........their all f*ckwits that should have been drowned at birth.

Wouldn't give any of them the time of day.

Rant over...................
Either he's not well briefed or he can't remember his briefing- Cnut was droning about yesterday's casualties;

'....four brave British soldiers...'

Corrrect me if I'm wrong but I thought the casualties included two British soldiers and two British newsmen. At least the cnut could do his men the courtesy of getting it right . I note that the BBC has chopped that particular bit from subsequent re-runs on Breakfast Time. Since busy defending the indefensible Fat Tw*t Prescott... Probably has title to some Bliar scandal titbit, just like Fat Tw*t :lol:

Neue Arbeit must be getting stretched- What a bland, boring non-entity- Must have scrabbled hard to get his trotters into the Ministerial pension trough. :twisted: :twisted:

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