The new(ish) Chinese MGs

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Tiddle, Jun 12, 2013.

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  1. Not sure how many people here are aware but the MG marque was purchased by the Chinese back in 2005 and since then they've launched the MG6 (roughly Focus sized) and today they launched a FIAT 500 / MINI competitor the MG3.

    I'm a bit of a MG - Rover fan (yes, they do exist) but the current mob in Longbridge are exceptionally inept so I'm just wondering how many people on this forum are;

    A. Aware MG are still making cars

    B. Aware that they launched a brand new car today

    C. Care that MG still exist and would consider buying one.
  2. Buy one? Hahahahahahahaha
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  3. Not a chance, but give it time. Maybe not MG but one will eventually crack it.

    Most new cars are half or more full of Chinese components.
  4. Aye but you bought a Merc with your own money and do the sex with other men, your opinion is invalid.
  5. Mercedes, well if I was a person that gambled I'd say a Chinese Car will be razor blades before mine is run in.
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  6. I owned an MGB GT, ******* brilliant motor and didn't make my bottom sore. no matter how far I drove.
  7. Merc sorted their little rust problem then?

    My Mercedes Rustbucket
  8. If Rover had been left in the hands of Honda, like it was heading. They would be exporting to China.
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  9. MG's are for people who can't spell TRIUMPH.
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  10. Really? Source? Or just the usual "sure everything's Chinese these days" generalisation. I'm pretty sure the Chinese component count on my XF is well below 50%. A depressing amount of it is German, though.

    Nelly: dead horse, mucker. It's only folks like you and I really know that MG Chop Suey Motor & Poisonous Toy Concern (UK) exists, and even we don't
    care all that much.
  11. My first proper car, and every other MG driver was a pal...

    Last year I found myself in a disused warehouse in Nouakchott. Opening a double door, I was looking at 20 or so unused Chinese copies of the Mitsubishi pickup. Apparently nobody wanted them as there were no spares to be had. Nice cars, though. If the yellow peril can make a good copy of the MGB GT I'll have one (heavily discounted, though).
  12. You'll get problems with every car that's manufactured. Years later cars can get recalls.
    Enjoy your Chinese car, my last Mercedes I sold at ten years old and p/ex value was £4k. In the ten years it didn't break down once.
  13. Well I'm using an 06 MGzt, It does. STA70031.jpg
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  14. What part of my opening post suggest I'd actually buy one? I'm a daft ****** but not THAT daft.

    The fact of the matter is that Merc used shite quality tin and skimped on rust proofing in the late 90's / early 2000's. They're not as good or reliable as people seem to think but as long as you're happy with yours.