The new improved clothing strategy

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by marathonman, Apr 26, 2005.

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  1. Today I was told by my Tp cadre that I had to go to the clothing store and get a green shirt and lightweights issued to me as from next week this will be our new dress. How on earth are we supposed to wear one shirt all week? Get our name tags sorted in time and Correctly mounted. The clothing store have not got enough shirts to issue! and the tailors shop looks like it is going to explode very soon! :cry:
  2. unlucky mate.......thanks the chief for that!!
  3. I've got 3 brand spanking new green shirts if you want them!
  4. Mate you shouldnt of done that partial dekit!!

    Pop down to the market, the bloke there probably still has em on sale!!

    Although Working dress is smart, it does not make sense to limit issues to 1 shirt.

    Oh well how long till your posted :wink:
  5. not tooooo Long!
  6. If you'd been in more than 5 minutes you'd already have at least 3 shirts with names already sewn on, unless you've recently changed your name..... which would make you a bit of a woman wouldn't it?

    You've been told what's needed, and been given until next week to do it..... so do it!
  7. Dont worry about the tailors shop exploding, they're shutting up early on thursday and going on leave.
  8. I did not get the green shirts/lightweight trousers issued during basic!!
  9. Right then can somebody explain who actually is going to be in lightweights and green shirt then before this all gets out of hand and we're all at the clothing store tomorrow morning trying to get issued some.
  10. One of the Tp cadre told me that he/she even had to get the kit re-issued and it caused a right kerfuffle!
  11. Albert- I assume that you have also had the good news and that you are about to/have recently visited the stores?
  12. Any chance of being let out of the dark as to who exactly will be back in lightweights then. This being the home of communication the people involved wont actually find out till they're being bollocked for not wearing them.
  13. apparently tomorrow we will all find out what is what, but no doubt it will change by friday!
  14. well keep stoking albert it's entertaining me a treat! thanks
  15. Well obviously these people know already, anychance of passing on the information.

    This being the Army Rumour SErvice after all