The New Goverment and Firearms/Hunting Laws

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by DrStealth, May 12, 2010.

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  1. Time for change??

    or should I say 'Time to turn the clock back a bit?'

    its looking like a Con/Lib gov..........
    will the Cons be able to repeal the hunting ban with dogs? will the Libs let them?
    is now the time to get some reform into the British Firearms Laws?
    can we get pistols back?
    the Olympics and that temporary shooting facility they are planning to build for the games then bulldoze down right after, can we get the new gov to put the monies into developing Bisley for the events before its to late?

    most Con politicos are 'countryside friendly', so to speak, I'v been E-mailing the local boy here informing him of the Olympic debacle, he was very interested in how millions are going to be wasted. I await his reply.

    remember this statment by the arch liar - "We have taken 30000 guns off the streets", when I heard Blair state this on the TV my blood ran cold at the blatent bearfaced lie. it was the forerunner to the "45 minutes" claim, I knew right then we had an egotistical maniac and liar running the nation, and now they are gone. hopefully this statment will come back on him too one day.

    theres a new Gov, will it support our shooting sports?

    I hope so.
  2. 1. Tory policy
    2. All previous reform has been detrimental to shooters.
    3. It was the Tories that banned them.
    4. Unlikely
    5. True but the Home Secretary may be Chris Huhne
    6. They haven't in the past. See 3 and the 1988 Firearms Act. (Banned SLRs, put some shotguns into Section 1.)

    Having said that, there is some good intelligence that the Tories spoke to Home Office Officials before the election with the intention of removing some of the sillier restrictions like no .17 semi-autos.
  3. I thought the police and CPS had more or less told the government that the hunt ban was unenforcable and a waste of resources and that they were not bothering to prosecute anyone under it anymore?
  4. Well the Tories enacted the SLR ban and the Pistol ban (except for .22s to be held at clubs), The Lib Dems policy has over recent years been one of more control and fewer firearms in civilian use so I wouldn't hold out too much hope.
  5. Given that the Tories did more to harm shooting sports in the UK than Labour, and that the Lib Dems are profoundly illiberal when it comes to legitimate firearms ownership, the best we can hope for is a little tinkering around the edges.

    Maybe the Limps might be a little more susceptible to a bit of liberalisation if you couch it in terms of bringing the UK up to the EU norm (which of course includes centrefire handguns and centrefire semiauto rifles)?
  6. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I'd be happy to play the Europe card and ask for an alignment to other EU countries regs. Accept EFP's without extra BS and cost, allow target sportsmen to travel to comps in Europe easier, allow tourists to visit UK easier etc
  7. One lives in hope, but I do not trust politicians as a race any further than I can kick them.
  8. you would, would you? Yeah, I'd be happy to accept some of the benefits of living in Europe in the UK, but our governments ensure we get just the drawbacks...
  9. Granted, they're pro-British and more financially prudent, but Tories won't act on principle if it suits them and they look after their own...
  10. Was it not the tories who banned pistols in the first place?

    No government will turn back the hand and allow a relaxation of firearms laws in the current climate. Its a none starter.
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I believe that the govenment should change the wording on the Firearms Act so that any rimfire cartridge up to and including the .22 calibre should be allowed in SLR format.

    I'm happy for the SLR ban to remain in place for centrefire cartridges for hunting. If you can't hit your fox or other prey (other than a field full of rabbits with rimfire) properly with the first shot, it could very well be on the run. I don't believe that chasing the animal down with a volley of rapidly fired centrefire shots is either safe or humane. Too often, it will be the form of shooting of choice for those who are not skilled enough to take the first shot proerly, or for those who quite frankly, get off on chucking loads of rounds down at animals or objects.

    For 'Practical Rifle' competition and sport, providing the guns are stored at clubs, and only used at club, national or regional competitions or events, I believe that SLR in centrefire should be allowed; just not for hunting. This will avoid the scenario above, as well as the hideous scenario of some dangerous retard running about with these items and slotting children.

    As for whether the ConLibs will allow such a change in the law. Perhaps yes for the rimfire SLR argument, but unlikely for the SLR centrefire one. It is easier for them (as it is for the police) simply not to take the risk by saying 'NO!' than it is for them to apply common sense to the process. Remember that the anti-gun lobby can drum up a national anti-gun fervour with attendant frothing of the mouth in a nano-second, and when the government of the country is so delicately supported . . . . well, it's a no in this term, for sure.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I think that we have matters of a higher priority than this at the moment. Some sensible filtering down into acpo and the force admin units would be very helpful. As it stands the letter of the law is reasonably clear, its the local interpretations which make it clearly unfair!
    Anything other than the day to day battle to restore the economy will probably result in the coalition fracturing!
  13. 2 things

    1)Hosing the hunted - aren't there 2 shot magazine restrictions here and there WRT hunting in order to avoid this?

    2) Retards trying to kill everybody - paid any attention to what's happening n China in the past month - 9 incidents!?
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Send key settings, over.

    There is no restriction so far as I'm aware on the size of magazine for a bolt-action centrefire rifle - though 5 round mags, either internal or removable is the norm. As far as SLR rimfire rifles go, 30, 50, 100 round magazines are perfectly normal and allowed.

    If you look at items like the Spikes Tactical .22 SLR rifle, you can even get 100+ drum mags for them.

    For s/a shotguns, these are limited to 3 rounds on a Shotgun ticket, though you can have more if it's on a Firearms Licence, for example an 8 shot SPAS is perfectly acceptable.

    They've done that knives and it's a seperate debate to this opne about firearms, though for the record, Harriet Harfcukwit tried to ban hunting knives until someone told her that chavs most often stabbed people with kitchen knives, and you can't ban them.

    To be honest mate, I'm all for national guidelines with local intepretation.

    Local interpretation can be tried and tested, and if found wanting, can be over-turned in local courts if necessary.

    National, fixed laws require Acts of Parliament or High Court rulings to set straight, and being set by Acts of Parliament in the first place, have no regard to common sense, practicality, or reality. Local interpretation means at least a nod towards common sense, or if not, can be reasoned and if so, like I say, BASC, individuals or or organisations can represent your interests in local courts.
  15. Although living overseas I'd love to see more sensible firearm legislation (because previous legislation resulted in soooo much less gun crime, didn't it?)...


    Pre-ban there were many gun clubs which you could toddle along to to be vetted whilst you were a probationary member. Most of those clubs have probably now vanished, so where do you start? What happens when people who own dogs named 'Tyson' decide they want to start shooting? With much of the infrastructure gone, how do you start again?