The new golden age of oil?

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by alib, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. In FP Can we survive the new golden age of oil? By Steve LeVine
    Which is nice.
  2. No doubt Argentina will sue.
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  3. I'm sure Kirkz has shares in that company.
  4. So end of civilisation due to running out of oil put off for another 15-20 years then?

    Good Oh as I will be well dead before we run out it seems. Time to buy that 4x4 after all.
  5. Another Israel/Arab war on the horizon?
  6. So back to zombie apocalypse being the biggest threat to the world then, that's good cos I don't want to be suffering from a mad max style existence.
  7. Price of petrol will come down. Obviously.....
  8. Just in time for them to put it back up again because the Middle East Crisis will move to the Eastern Med
  9. You live in England so you already do.
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  10. It's going to get very embarrassing if the Greeks strike a big one and we all have to be nice to them.
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  11. Or invade.
  12. Ironic thing here is Israel's Camp David almost buckshe gas deal with Egypt seems to be faling through and here they are with a huge lake of oil. You'd think they were God's chosen people or something.
  13. I think they've now got more Leopard tanks than the Germans, that might be a problem.
  14. Ooooh! The plot thickens!!!
  15. Even more so if they find a strike off Gaza- Watch Isreal move then!