The new family of SP Artillery Guns

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Yeoman_dai, Aug 25, 2009.

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  1. As I said on Fantassin's thread about the french CAESAR-seems like the right piece of kit for supporting 'medium' forces like our 19 Lt Bde or US Stryker BCTs, will have to see what sort of record they build up in Afghanistan...
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  2. About time Mr Taliban was introduced to Mr 155mm
  3. Caesar was trialled by RSA as part of LIMAWS(G) alongside portee M777.
  4. Thats still about the same time as an AS90 provided that is wasnt sat at the side of a road waiting for REME to recover it. I did hear rumours of the ultra light weight field howitzer coming into service with British forces or even a re-vamped FH70 coming back, but they would probably be very close designs.
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  5. The M777 155mm is the way ahead, 105mm has had its day...
  6. Another armchair general gives his 'expert' opinion.
  7. They have already met.
  8. Whats yours then FiveAlpha? Or, as usual, do you not actually have an opinion on aything and just slag people off because you're a c0ck? The Canadians have ditched 105, the yanks are buying M777-its the way things are going...
  9. On the contrary my mis-informed civilian friend. I slag off people who talk shite, normally those who've never served and don't understand that the differences between 105mm and 155mm isn't just a slightly bigger bang.
  10. Why was the FH70 retired?
  11. There was a concerted effort about 10 years ago to "persuade" the MoD to buy M777 (which is made in Barrow btw!), which was rebuffed! Feeding a 155 has serious implications, particularly with an extended supply chain..

    The Canadians had loads of grief with theirs...
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  12. One of the reasons: the hydraulics were a bitch.
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  13. The 155mm ULC holds 17 projectiles and charges. A pallet of 105mm holds 72. The 155 using L15 had excellent lethality but feeding the beast was a regal pain. And the L 15 wasn't a cheap option.
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  14. Rubbish - hand pumping FH70 into action was 'character building', as I was informed on numerous occasions (highly reliable air cooled engine my arse)
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