The new faces of war

Not sure if done.

Daily Telegraph today:

Christina Schmid, widow of Olaf, killed on his final day in the field in Afghanistan, pays tribute to her 'irreplaceable' husband.

Christina Schmid Interview

In public, Mrs Schmid has demonstrated bewildering bravery and composure: her forthrightness almost shocking. In front of thousands of people, she applauded as the hearse carrying Staff Sgt Schmid's coffin passed the war memorial at Wootton Bassett; declared her pride in him as a soldier, husband and father and reassured him of her love. Some people said she must be in denial to behave in such a robust way. She rejects that assumption. "It wasn't a show of the brash, stiff upper-lip military thing, " she says, explaining that they had talked – and sometimes joked – about the possibility of his death, and he expected her to blaze like a beacon for him on his return. Only after the cameras had gone did she allow herself to cry.
Bloody awesome woman, in my eyes!
fair play to her!!
my will has a grand behind the bar and my best mate know about loud colours and good times only no somber rubbish, be a good piss up shame i wont be there if it happens
No snivelling at funerals perhaps but yesterday I read the whole interview/article in the smokiest, dustiest room in NATO.

I am slightly in awe of both Schmids.

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