"The New Face Of THe Pakistan Army"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by WhiteRabbit, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. At least according to the Guardian's chap in Islamabad. If Pakistan is the other side of the coin in our fight against the Taliban, then the Pakistan Army have got to feature highly in our concerns. By all accounts they had a hell of a time during their last offensive against the Pakistani Taliban and whilst they were accused of heavy-handedness and even of communal punishments, I they think they put in a decent showing.

    The New Face Of The Pakistan Army

  2. White Rabbit,

    Indeed they did.

    Take this in conjunction with the significant number of militant commanders just happening to fall into custody since January and you are witnessing a significant change of political posture in Pakistan.

    The devolution of powers from the presidency to the office of the prime minister is also illuminating.

    Of course the aim remains the same, increased influence within the region.

  3. Think it's truly remarkable the Pakistani's finding all these Afghan & Pakistani talibs/al-q recently!Think their Border Guards need a good kick up the ARRSE.These dreadful people must have sneaked in recently because the Pakistan Government have been assuring the West for years that they weren't there.Maybe they landed by sea in Karachi,just like those nasty people from Nemo's submarine who landed in Mumbai :? :slow:
  4. A lot of Taliban have been hanging out in Karachi lately, see LAT. Mullah Omar himself was rumored to have be shifted there by the ISI for safe keeping, the Quetta Shura's (formally known as the good Taliban) military commander Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar was nicked there. Alam Mehsud of the TTP (naughty gone rogue Pak Taliban) has just been picked up.

    I am encouraged but remain very skeptical, Pindi has certainly turned on the TTP and shown they are more than able when stirred. But these guys have been pulling the wool over the Pentagon's eyes for a couple of decades in the service of their own interests. Plucking bad guys out of a hat at opportune times is an old trick. So far they've studiously preserved the most effective Taliban grouping the. Haqqani network.

    Pakistani commentators suspect Baradar may have made the mistake of dealing too closely with Karzai and upset his handlers. The Quetta Shura also may be tiring of being bossed around by shouty heavily braided Punjabis who while eager for Jihad against the infidel think Pashtuns are a bunch of performing chimps. Ahmed Rashid recently talked of the Taliban tiring of fighting and wanting to shake off the Pakistani interference in their affairs that dramatically increased when they fled South of the Durand line.

    On the other hand it may be Pindi will settle for a great deal of influence in the Kabul kleptocracy. They may be positioning for an endgame where some of their Taliban chums make nice in Afghanistan. Kayanihas hinted "strategic depth" may be achieved even with a "friendly" Afghan state at there back. If the Pak Brass are also well bribed with F16s and cash it's not inconceivable that the hated Karzai will be tolerated as a front man.

    If I was an Afghan I'd been uneasy. Barry has an early politically expedient exit high on his agenda. He needs Pindi onside and has their chums in Beijing breathing down his neck for the vig on DC's huge deficit. Appeasing the Pak military is an habituated weakness in Washington. Being left twisting in the wind by DC has happened before, to many Afghans in living memory.