The new cabinet.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by StickyEnd, May 13, 2010.

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  1. My thoughts as well.

    ...and funnily enough that's also what the bloke in the pub said the other day as well!


  2. Excepting, of course, the ludicrous energy policy of the Limps :mad:
  3. I think we are in theory, better off having the Liberals included. Many millions of votes and many, many more millions than the millions of 'lame-brains' who thought Brown, Mandelson and Campbell would be a better bet.

    Unless it is clear to the 'Man on the Clapham Omnibus' that things are not quite right, I say to Mr. Cameron and Mr. Clegg, if you have recalcitrant twerps in your Parties who think 'this' or 'that' is wrong - then:

    [align=center]SACK THEM[/align].

    This coalition must work for the sake of this nation.

    I don't want to be 'in bed politically with 'Sven/Whet', but if needs must......

    What colour are his eyes?
  4. Without being too rose tinted, I am hoping that the parties can manage to put ideology apart and do what is needed. Canceling Heathrow's 3rd runway so soon is not a bad indicator.
  5. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    In my funny liddle wurrld, "what is needed" would (necessarily) include telling the likes of Sven/Whet/SWhettie to feck off and get a job or die.

    But of course, by now, Sven/Whet/SWhettie - as a creature of principle - will have resigned from the Lib Dems . . . :D
  6. Sticking Vince Cable in charge of a department he's previously said he would axe if he had his way was not the most diplomatic move, IMO. I suspect he'd rather have had more hands-on with banking sector reform as well, which I forsee being a major fault-line in the coalition.

    And Gove in charge of Education? Are they having a giraffe? Kee-reist almighty.
  7. I am sat looking at the lovely new mahogany drinks caninate that I have just bought and am thinking that it would be as much use at running the country as the group of buffoons that had just been put in place within Government.
  8. When has any government (pick a persuasion) put a suitably qualified person in the right ministry/department. The civil servants would have apoplexy. Most of them have been slotted into their shadow posts, with a few exceptions due to unforseeable circumstances. Curious though that Cabinet table looks mightily there more Cabinet posts than usual?
  9. Yesterday, on the radio (Radio 4) I heard the Prime Minister speaking during his visit to Scotland, and I heard this morning the Foreign Secretary speaking during his visit to America.

    Both men sounded alive; intelligent; in command and in control - what a contrast to the scripted 'sound bites' of the moronic fools in so-called 'command and control' of the last thirteen sad and sorry years.

    Both men sounded so positive, so dynamic, so different from the regurgitated quasi-Marxist babble spewed forth so frequently since May 1997 - including the unnecessary long interview with the 'Simpering Ninny' Yvette Cooper this morning. Why interview this woman? She has had thirteen years to improve things and impress us. She failed - so why do we have to be bombarded with her verbal bollox?

    I am at a loss to understand how the BBC Radio 4 (Controller: Mr. Mandelson) allowed these two on the wireless - someone will be for the 'high-jump'. Never mind, thereafter we have non-stoop Labour propaganda and we have just be subjected to assorted Millibands spouting their undecipherable rubbish!

    Will somebody please tell the BBC Radio 4 that Labour LOST the election and that their days are numbered :mrgreen: