The New BMW F800R


Have test rode the new BMW F800R today.
I was wondering if anyone else had test rode it?

My initial thoughts are:

Cracking looking bike. Fairly small. But the swingarm is deceptively long.
Spritely when fired up, great sound.
Under seat tank, a la F800GS, S and ST
BMW have done away with the traditional indicator set up
Comfortable, although foot pegs could be a little less back than they are.
The road run was a mixture of fast A roads, urban and suburban roads and speeds.
Little bit vibey at higher speeds and not much wind protection either. Vibes felt through the pegs.
It turns quick! Picks up quick through the gears once in mid range revs, feels like a V_Twin say, sv600.
Good at low in speed urban settings. Brakes good.
Forks not not adjustable and felt a bit rough over bumpy tarmac.
The front brake reservoir is odd. its on a bracket with rubber absorbers and vibrates a lot. It doesn't look all that secure and looks as if it could be knocked off.

All in all I was pleasantly surprised. I would buy one. But BMW being BMW you have to pay for extra gizmos. which tot up when you have to hand over the money.


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comedy dave said:
I see. Thanks. :roll:

Are you drunk?
Yeah, I'm off me fucking tits. But fortunately I am not so pissed that I think a BMW is an interesting bike to ride.

8) :lol: :lol: :D :eek: :D

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