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The New Battle of Hastings!

They are protesters, not a bunch of pikeys. What`s your point?
Eco Protester's, Pikey both shite in my book! most of thes people who are protesting are the same cunts who moan about the state of the roads in the UK, they don't understand the amount of environmental hoops you have to jump through to get permission to build such a road.....Cunts the lot of them..!
they don't understand the amount of environmental hoops you have to jump through to get permission to build such a road..
Huge ones, but the hippies should be more worried about the Coalition's desire to reduce the number of hoops because they are "a barrier to growth".

Have the road men not tried leaving bottles of cider at the bottom of the trees in the evening? The crusties will descent at twilight to claim their loot and are then easy to net/lamp and shoot.


According to SE News (BBC) the smellie lad in the tunnel is named "Sitting Bull", if my parents named me that I'd bury meself in the ground as well! but seriously no one ever asks these eco-warriors why they are not at work or how they can afford to be there. I know these good folks would love us all to live in thatched round house and shit in a bucket-like pikeys, but sadly you can't stop progress. Taser the feckers! or in Mr Bull's case chuck a ferret/badger in the hole with him.
Thick cunts looking at the picture it looks like it's an old railyway line that's being used as the road. Re-used an old railway line in Kirkintilloch as a link road which had been a cycle path....No issues dirty grubby southern twats.
I used to live in Bexhill. This road is badly needed and has already been pointed out, will follow the old Bexhill West railway line for most of it's journey. This can only reduce pollution in the area because there are nightmare traffic jams - with attendant pollution - every morning and evening along the A259, which is a by-pass road for Bexhill anyway (bi-passing the bi-pass, if you see what I mean). The protesters should be happy with the project and not be causing further expense. Twats!

Bring on the bulldozers.

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