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Hands up all those with site entry problems. If you have, just add "Mail Me" to your comments, and I'll send "The squaddies guide to 21st Century Arrse" by PM


War Hero
Like it Centurion, but in some instances you've tried to be too clever.

Too many small point text links and the like, and the colour is bland.

Just my tuppence.


its good but the naffi bar is stillin reverse order


Hands up all those with entry problems.
never had a problem with that yet PTP  ;)
The site will take some navigating though, especially after a night on the **ss!!!  ;D
The site will take some navigating though, especially after a night on the **ss!!!  

I hear you! It took me an age to log on as apparently we have to log on somewhere else as mods/admins  :-/

these are all of the bugs that we want to know about so that we can fix them all on the test server before transferring the whole membership and posts database over. The software is more comlpex than the YABB that the site currently runs on, but it does let us do considerably more with it, and hopefully make it more fun for you guys too.

Don't forget that the site represents what was on this site on the 3rd June, and that anything that goes on there doesn't get copied accorss to here (the live site), which is why you will see lots of little posts with "Test" all over them as we try and work out how to change the settings and so on.

All credit to the COs who have put huge amounts of time and effort into getting the new site up and running, Good CO even delaying his return to Spain by 2 weeks (a broken down motorbike not withstanding).
Noooooooooo I didn't design it, it's down to the Good and Bad CO , so any more points, stick them in here.....

Entry to the new site.

If you are a previous user

1. About halfway down the entry page on the left, is a white box which says

Welcome, Anonymous




Under username, enter your OLD arrse username
Under password enter the FIRST TWO LETTERS of your password for OLD ARRSE.

Now at this point, you may get a "Not with them shoes on mate" type of message, which will then take you to another box, in the centre of the screen. No dramas, just follow the next step.

This box contains a username, a password and a UIN (Unique identification number) .

Enter your OLD ARRSE username
For Password, enter the FIRST TWO letters of your OLD ARRSE password

IN the UIN box, enter the ghosted number you see

Press return. THE UIN is not some kind of weird tracking device, it's there to stop auto spamming and Mail robots getting at your details.

In the case of new users, just click register, and proceed as normal.

At that point, you should be logged in.


Could not get logged in at about 1030hr today. Put in username & 1st two letters etc then gorra box saying something like "That facility is currently unavailable" or words to that effect. Was it down?
like the idea of a pix gallery BTW; will we be able to stick pix in or will they have to be pre-hosted elsewhere?
Try again now, should be working ok.

I think the pix will be submitted and one of us will post them.


Bad CO

On the subject of pictures - you can upload them and the site will host them.  We (admins) have to 'approve' them before they go live though...... don't want any of your 'personal collection' sneaking through!!


I can't seem to log in to the new site, although what I see as a visitor looks quite splendid.  When I enter my nick and my first two all I get is:

Sorry, this Module isn't active!

[ Go Back ]

in a box at the top centre of the main screen.  Is it 'cos I is Mac?  If so I can already smell the Human Rights pay out for discrimination against Mac OS from the Commission for OS Platform Relations...  ;D

Bad CO

No it is just because I am still mucking round with the site and sometimes do stupid things!!!  Working now - I hope
don't want any of your 'personal collection' sneaking through!!

just to add to what Bad CO has said, although your "personal collections" favourites won't make it to the site, that shouldn't stop you submitteing them for Admin vetting  ;D

I can hear Bad CO wailing at me now from accross the corridors of ARRSE RHQ, so let's just keep that last idea to ourselves eh?  8)


No it is just because I am still mucking round with the site and sometimes do stupid things!!!  Working now - I hope

It certainly is, and very nice it is too; thank you for all the work that has gone into this.

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