The new(and improved) AGAI 67

Discussion in 'REME' started by daleRoch, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. life, they say, is a lottery. I think when someone fcuks up they should take a roll of the dices( or in this case pigs) and see what they get.
    what do you all think?

    PIGI 67

    SIDER : 25 press ups
    PIG OUT : 50 press ups
    TROTTER : MacDonalds run
    DOUBLE TROTTER : black nasty across eyebrows
    RAZOR BACK : stand outside window for 10 minutes
    DOUBLE RAZORBACK : stand on shop floor and shout………….
    SNOUTER : 10 reps on a straight bar
    DOUBLE SNOUTER : 50 reps on a straight bar
    JOWLER : run round the workshop in less than a minute
    DOUBLE JOWLER : run round the workshop in less than 45 seconds
    MAKING BACON : crate
    PIGGY BACK : 1x pull on ASM’s tash
  2. OI, get back to work - I've got an excuse, I'm on leave..............

    Good idea though......

    Cant imagine the short angry fella being too impressed with the last one - but its a punishment that will definately do whats needed.
  3. Surely that would contravene Health and Safety in the work place?
  4. I've had to roll the dice before, nut never roll the pigs. :D Excellent Idea. I've got a set at my mums somewhere. I'll dig them out for when someone is daft enough to let me run a workshop.
  5. Like it :)

    Or what if the stick man had a huge bag of Revels?

    The offender would then reach into said bag of choco heaven and hell, depending on the crime would pick 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, (or even the whole bag for really naughty people)
    Place the award in gob and chew, standing rigidly to attention before the brass strip in front of the desk.
    Smiles, retching, spitting, dribbling and the like would bring another dip into the bag!

    This would obviously be followed by a Tesco/Asda run to replace the family/LAD/WKSP/Sqn/Pl size bag of fun

  6. PIGGY BACK : 1x pull on ASM’s tash

    What happens if this ASM doesnt have a tash :)
  7. PUBES of course! 8O

    Jeez, sometimes you just can't get the staff! :wink:

    :D :D :D
  8. What happens if the ASM had his pubes permanently burnt off during some high jinks at 10 Airborne, when he was a crafty :) :) :)
  9. [​IMG]

    What would i get for this? Is it a 'Roll Again' Trap?
  10. I can say from first hand experience that PIGAI 67 works a treat! Great idea, a good giggle and sorts the blighters out. It comes strongly recogmended.