The New American Cold War

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Jun 29, 2006.

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  1. I read on Stratfor a while back that the Global War on Terror (or whatever it's called this week) and the war in Iraq were mere distractions from the USA's real long-term geopolitical goals - finishing off Russia and completing the encirclement of China.

    To be fair the post-Cold war 'offensive' against Russia has been very cheap for the US, amounting to no more than the funding of a few 'colour' revolutions and a slack handful of new bases. Russia really only has itself to blame for making itself so unpopular in its 'near abroad'.

    Russia is starting to fight back now, but it may be too late. The real long-term danger for the US is that Russia becomes so weak it gets exploited by China. US grand strategy has always had as its No. 1 priority the prevention of the emergence of a hegemon on the Eurasian landmass with enough resources to actually threaten the US itself.
  2. I don't think their has been much of any long term strategy about Russia . More just opportunism. There was a vacuum and it got filled . The problem is Russia feels betrayed and in a sense Americans thought Russia was its friend and the Russians are burning us. Each side has a narrative to justify its claims. Cohen and Kissinger in a earlier interview were trying to point out a change of course is necessary. They may be right .It may be to late . Cohen was also pointing out the party politics in the US are not conducive towards a more conciliatory line towards the Russians . He is right on ,that tough talk towards Russia is probably good politics, if not good policy. Certain things are driving it.
    1 The democrats want to get to the right of Republicans too prove they can be tough in the foreign policy sphere Russia is a covenant area to show that toughness.
    2 Republicans are driven by the press to talk tough and be tough with Russia to show that lines about trying to spread democracy are not just throw away lines to justify the invasion of Iraq. The need to be consistent is pushing policy.

    During the cold war the US Soviet relationship was combative, but each side had a interest to maintain a rough status quo. Now the relation ship between the US and Russia is growing more combative, but they do not a mutual interest in maintaining the status quo . It could be a very unstable situation
  3. I believe the "problem" with long-term strategy involving US/Russia is that the collapse of the Soviet Union happened a lot quicker than had been anticipated.
  4. "the collapse of the Soviet Union happened a lot quicker than had been anticipated."

    Yes thats a fact.
    Finish off Rooshia and surround China ?
    And thats from a Empire thats starting to cum apart at the seams.
  5. That'd be all the porno stars getting into politics.
  6. Not yous again, NotyouAgain,
    I truely belive the US has started its decline. A slow process and they will struggle far more then tiny little Britian did, despite its current attempt to cling to World Status power.
    On my last UK trip I purchased a copy of Alister Cooke's DVD on the US of A and his view on its history, most informative on the US psyche, though from a Yankophile.
    They have had leaders of great dignaty unlike King George II and his puppetmasters.