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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jjandellis, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. I haven't posted on here very often at all; every time I have lookd on here it is just to gauge how Movers are thought of. One thing that I have noticed is that in the last couple of years critisiscm of Movers seems to have tailed off a little.

    I believe that some of this may in part be due to improvements made at places such as Al Udeid. Obviously now the airbridge has moved to Kuwait. The system sees the passenger in terminals with lesser facilities than Al Udeid, but (more importantly in my opinion) alot less time on the ground due to cross decking of aircraft and quicker transfers.

    What are your views of the Movements process at the moment? How do you feel the new airbridge is performing? Are there any issues that need addressing? Remember to state the location of any problems encountered and whether or not it was Army or RAF Movers that you had a problem with (or were assisted by)?

    Have things improved recently?

    I've obviously got a vested interest in this. I am a Mover and your feedback will help me in my decision making when setting up and running current and future detachments...

    Note: Please try to refrain from turning it into a Mover hating thread, as it just detracts from what I am tryng to achieve with the thread.
  2. You've posted on here 3 times so it isn't obvious who you are or what you do. I'd also be doubtful whether you could really influence most of the issues faced by the guys moving across the air bridge. Sorry to sound cynical. Also - most people are not that constructive when they post about such things as they don't properly understand the system.
  3. Any hint of your position or unit?

    Are you still in Germany?

    How much is your current daily rate of LOA?
  4. Fair enough, it probably isn't obvious who I am. Maybe if I had told you I was a Mover earlier it would be more obvious that I had a vested interest, but lets not get caught up in the weeds.

    Although I'm not at a level to actually enforce high level policy changes, I am in a position to change low level policy i.e. how a detachment is run. I'm also in a position to pass feedback up the chain, with my 'SME' slant on things; also in a position to decide what training we do at a sub unit level in preperation for an Op tour.

    A little bit of background to my last sentence. Our old Class 3 course was 12 weeks in total. However it is now 6 weeks total, with a lot of emphasis placed on in house training by units to get individuals to complete their 'Record of Workplace Experience'. This scheme throws up problems such as standardisation, quality of training (alot of guys are not necessarily good instructors) and actual training time (most SNCO's are deployed a large amount of the time AND sometimes timeframes/pressures on movements operations may mean training becomes neglected). So why am I focussing on the last sentence? Well if there if there are constructive comments, this thread can be used as a tool that helps us decided where we are going right or wrong. It can be used to help influence PDT (and if anybody in the sqn doubts the validity of suggested PDT, then the thread can be pointed to as some form of evidence).
  5. The only reasoning I can see in this post is to confim whether I am a genuine Mover. If that is the case, then I'm happy to answer. If not, well shoot me down!

    1. SNCO, 24 Regt RLC. Based in Germany.

    2. LOA went up to £30 a day and then back down to £25. However I haven't checked my pay statement for the last 2 months (too busy) so it could be anything by now.
  6. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Why have you not posted this in the RLC thread surely the valued feed back received from your fellow shifters will help share the feed back.
  7. 1. I believe posting it in the RLC thread may not gain it as much exposure to other arms, who may not check the RLC forum by force of habit (to me it says its an RLC forum).

    2. The subtitle of this forum is 'anything else G4'. This is definitely G4!

    3. Gaining the feedback of fellow movers is easy. I talk to other SNCO's in the mess and I plug my JNCO's in the office. Anyone else gets locked in the crew room and told to unload. Gaining the pax feedback can be a little more difficult which incidentally is something I feel we do quite badly on as there aren't exactly many comments boxes at our airheads.
  8. How is your relationship with the RAF Movers then? Do you think there is room for improvement there? Perhaps some cross-training and better understanding?
  9. Movements is a G3 function.
  10. Bollox!
  11. Why bollox?
  12. Movements is a J4 / G4 / A4 / N4 function, dumbass. You do know your 1 to 9 don't you?
  13. If you want the 'customers perspective' maybe you should post this on ArmyNET aswell.

    This may give you the honest (ish) feedback and grab the CofC views at the same time. Worth a try.
  14. I certainly do. So answer me this - why do you have a G3 Mover in a 2* HQ. Just because the people who carry out that function or enable it are loggies (or RAF equivalent) doesn't make it G/J/N/A 4.

    I think the 'dumbass' is a little unnecessary, it's not the NAAFI. Some of us have standards.
  15. If jjandellis came in here open minded ,with a desire to try and elicit some genuine customer feedback, he or she had probably had close to their share of "demotivational posters" by now.

    How about giving them a break?

    Is there somewhere else readers can go to, to throw stones at each other?