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Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by steeraway, May 17, 2004.

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  1. Conundrum: Two offrs with the same YOB are both qualified for promotion to Lt Col and are 'competing' for command of the same unit. Offr A completed the current JSCSC whilst offr B attends the future ACSC as a Maj. When push comes to shove, despite the propaganda from the deathstar, offr A is bound to get the job (unless he is a complete spanker who becomes a bumbling idiot around soldiers). Isn't he?

    Will all those who did not attend JSCSC in its current format continue to be viewed as SQ offrs (and condemned never to command) or could there truly be room for a second chance post-future ACSC? Realistically?

    If you believe the propaganda, there definately is, but surely future board members will be psc and will inevitably be biased towards 'their own'.
  2. Surely the ACSC officer will be psc after the course and equally competative with the JSCSC officer. My understanding is that ACSC is regarded by the boards as the same as JCSCS. It would be very interesting if anyone is 'in the know' for fact.
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    It is an interesting conunrum, but the reality is (to draw on your example exactly) that selection for unit command will be heavily based on the individuals performance as a company/squadron/battery commander, and not on whether he/she is psc or not. Lines in the 2RO report like "..he is one of the best OCs in the Brigade, and must command a regular unit.." rather than "..he knocks out a really good brief..." etc will help here.

    Oh and not shagging the CO's wife is a good start as well.
  4. Steeraway

    I actually think that the answer lies in statistics. Just check the next Command List and count the SQ-types who are on it. Sorry to be so clinical.