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A bit of an experiment, prompted by a discussion with Forces 365, also my own looks at these sites and of course the existence of the ARRSE Facebook group. I'm sure there are plenty of other groups out there who might like to make their presence known!

Also of course there are more traditional forces networks out there such as The List.


We will accept breakages in the normal ARRSE 'no-names' in here by people talking about themselves: "I'm Nigel... on Facebook", but there must be no discussion or linking of other peoples ARRSE names to their real profiles on social networking sites.


If anyone fancies a project, collecting a list of some of the networking sites and their UK forces groups would be good!


No paid-account reunited sites please!
Sounds like a good idea GCO , I just wonder if any one else has noticed it appear ?

wheelchairwarrier said:
Sounds like a good idea GCO , I just wonder if any one else has noticed it appear ?

Oh look a new forum
GCO , maybe a touch too much cam cream on the face of this one....

yeah I know ( sound of fading footsteps and slamming of door )

Good idea. The convention in my new adopted industry is and even in these straitened times it's been the source of two recent calls from headhunters. I have quite a detailed profile and don't pay a penny. There are a number of military groups on Linkedin and these numbers seem to increase daily.

The List is an admirable idea but it looks and feels a bit stale at the moment and the networking functionality is not the same as that offered by other sites. I say this as a now life member of The List.

Perhaps arrse can be adapted to allow networking groups to emerge?
I agree that this forum hasn't been noticed, but it will take a while to get moving, as did a couple of others that are now well used parts of the site. I'd never even heard of Linked_In VM! Could you start a separate thread with some info?

I did write yo the list suggesting they post in here with some info - free advertising basically, but never had anything back.
Facebook (and the arrse group on it) haven't got me laid yet. Most of them are howlers though.

Is that the sort of info you were after?
Yes, any social distro list/group that will interest other ARRSErs or if you want to create a new one and give it some facetime.
I am going to compile a list of Military Social Networks . It would be good for independent reviewing . I will speak to Jerry Buchs of Social Networking watch to review em and get back to you!
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