The net tightens.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Awol, Jul 12, 2006.

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  1. he should have been arrested years ago...

    ...made his money in the music industry in the 1960s and 1970s, managing singers including Alvin Stardust and Chris Rea.

    I rest my case!
  2. Whats wrong with Chris Rea? ...
  3. It's okay, Lord Hutton can have an enquiry. I'm sure Levy will get off with a pay award and a few more honours.
  4. Yet they had enough evidence to arrest the cünt! Makes you wonder what else they could cook up; especially against Phoney Tony and his band of corrupt crooks, doesn't it?

  5. what's wrong with Alvin Stardust?
  6. Heartwarming news. Doesn't he look like a hunted man in the photo? This could be something to do with only paying £5,000 tax in 1999 - he's kept a very low profile ever since.

    I'd advise the police to get fingerprints and a DNA sample while they have him - the chances are he might allegedly reoffend

    Sorry for posting this elsewhere and hopefully PTP will delete it.

  7. ABrighter2006 steps up to the mantle and dons figure 11!

    Sorry, in my haste, was thinking about the dwarf sized Irish who did Lady in Red. :? Which would have been more his style! The irony being that I've got quite a few of Chris Rea's albums - I'll get my coat!
  8. "he added; the man is currently in custody"

    I bet when they nicked him he said something like, " don't you know who I am" "erm yes, tha'ts why we are here"

    Shame they didnt do it in the wee small hours

    I'm off to the pub to celebrate
  9. My post should also be delated please PTP, your right Frenchperson thats a haunted look and no mistake, only 5000 in tax what a slag!!

    The Media is going to keep him on the front page for weeks and he knows it.

  10. before you do, please answer my earlier question, whats wrong with Alvin Stardust...coo ca choo :1:
  11. I hope the basturd swings - Levy that is - as Londonirish points out Alvin already does.
  12. Didn't Chris Rea do THE ROAD TO HELL? How prophetic
  13. Fool if you think it over? He appears to have slipped on God's great banana skin.
  14. Lord Levy plays tennis with Tony Blair and is nicknamed Lord Cashpoint for his role in raising funds for Labour. He is also Mr Blair's special envoy to the Middle East.

    Alex Salmond, the leader of the Scottish National Party, which reported its concerns over cash-for-honours allegations to the police, said: "The water is lapping up the beach, it's round the ankles of the Prime Minister.

    "This is Tony Blair's personal friend, bagman and fundraiser. I think we can say that Tony Blair's personal pack of cards is starting to tumble down'

    For once I agree with a porridge wog, love the term bagman, so much scope for more things coming to light, I wonder what Levy has been bringing Tony back from the middle East?