The nepotism has begun

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sunami, Dec 2, 2012.

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  1. Qu'elle surprise.
  2. Well I never, who would have thunk it?
  3. I thought Prescott's links to China were because his pies are mostly served on plates...?
  4. He spends a great dealing of his eating life dining at Mr Chu's on the Hull Marina. Maybe it's that which gave him an interest in China?
  5. I expect council tax will have to rise to pay for this new and essential level of democracy.
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  6. Further to what someone had reported on another thread standby for the first combined meeting of the herd , or whatever the collective noun for a group of PCC's is called , to discuss pensions , parachute payments on leaving , second house allowances , expenses , empire building strategies etc and of course the first of the regular trips to America ... must get the priorities right .
  7. Did anyone expect anything else from the machinery of closed shop elections in what is basically an expansion of our local authorities? The backdoor politics for these new PCCs (which politicise the police) have appointed inexperienced and unproven commissioners to newly created roles. To keep their highchairs and their like minded sycophants onside they'll appoint their mates to well paid positions at tax payers' expense. The fat cat bill just went up again.
  8. How very predictable.

    Useless, troughing knobends surround themselves with....useless, troughing knobends.
  9. Whilst I believe that it is no doubt jobs and gravy trains for the boys, are these new Commissioners expected to appoint complete strangers?
  10. One would have hoped for the usual rules of Civil Service appointment ie on merit & fair and open compitition
  11. No but they could follow the 'Real World' example and at least go through the motions of Interviewing prospective candidates. Then appointing their mates or **** buddies
  12. What's this, people in this country who have been elected sticking their noses into the trough at the first chance they get, ****ing image that.
  13. .. not quite strangers.. more like those that have an inducement to leave the east and travel to the west.. so mote it be.