The neocon resurgence in Lebanon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Jul 27, 2006.

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  1. Israel demolish Hizbullah

  2. The Lebanese blame and destroy Hizbullah

  3. The collapse of Hamas

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  4. Peace in Iraq

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  5. All of the above

  6. None of the above

  7. The further isolation of the US and Israel

  8. Something else which I have detailed below

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  1. 'The delusional US mindset that made the Iraq war a disaster has resurfaced in Lebanon'

    Once again the Bush administration is floating on a wave of euphoria. Israel's offensive against Hizbullah in Lebanon has liberated the utopian strain of neoconservatism that had been traduced by Iraq's sectarian civil war. And the secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, has propelled herself forward as chief cheerleader. "What we're seeing here," she said, "are the birth pangs of a new Middle East." At every press conference she repeats the phrase "a new Middle East" as though its incantation is magical.

    Her jaunt to the region is intended to lend the appearance of diplomacy in order to forestall it. As explained to me by several senior state department officials, Rice is entranced by a new "domino theory": Israel's attacks will demolish Hizbullah; the Lebanese will blame Hizbullah and destroy its influence; and the backlash will extend to Hamas, which will collapse. From the administration's point of view, this is a proxy war with Iran (and Syria) that will inexplicably help turn around Iraq. "We will prevail," Rice says.

    According to the Rice doctrine, the US has deserted its historic role as ultimate guarantor of Israel's security by acting as honest broker among all parties. Rather than emphasising the importance of Lebanese sovereignty, presumably a matter of concern to an administration that had made it exhibit A in the spread of democracy in "a new Middle East", Rice has downplayed or ignored it in favour of uncritical endorsement of Israel's offensive. Rice's trip is calculated to interpose the influence of the US to prevent a ceasefire and to give Israel at least another week of unimpeded military action.

    Sidney Blumenthal, a former senior adviser to President Clinton

    Full article,,1830911,00.html
  2. ...And for Christmas I want a big red bicycle, a pet polar bear with blue eyes and a magic locket. :roll:

    If one fantasy doesn't work, try another, and another, and another. [​IMG]
  3. Maybe it’s closer to the truth to say that neocon politicians like wars – as long as they or their sons don’t have to fight them!

    Dulce bellum inexpertis
  4. Whats the difference between a Neocon and a woman? If you trawl through history books you will see that occasionaly women have been seen on the battlefield.
  5. And on the same theme to Blumenthal's excellent article

    To Be or Not To Be a State?

    By William S. Lind

    To Be or Not To Be a State? By William S. Lind :

    I wonder if that is why they started arresting the legislators ? And I recall they also bombed the Palestinian Foreign Ministry - trying to kill the messenger and his records, methinks.
  6. Well, the Guardian's definitely the right place for those.
  7. Nice to see the Grauniad's not sitting on the fence, eh?