The Nemesis File

Now SAS books dont really appeal (unless its Michael Ascher slapping down 'McNab') to me. However a friend suggested i read Nemesis by Paul Bruce, due to my vested interest in Northern Ireland. My friend brought the book round to me 2 days ago. Ive nearly finished as i haven't been able to put it down.

According to the author, he was part of a SAS team charged with executing IRA men coming up from the Republic. His team also incited riot by killing random men in nationalist areas of Belfast (Falls road etc).

I don't actually know what to make of this book, im now looking into his claims etc - im hoping im right in thinking hes chatting out of his arrse.

Anyone else read The Nemesis File? (available on amazon)
I thought the author had admitted making most of that book up recently...

NIO press release:


The Royal Ulster Constabulary has for some time been making enquiries into alleged serious criminal offences, primarily as a result of allegations made in the book "The Nemisis File: the true story of an Execution Squad" which is published by Blake Publishing.

As part of our continuing enquiries, and having regard to the seriousness of the allegations made in the book, the book's author was arrested by RUC officers under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and was interviewed at Castlereagh Police Station, Belfast.

Enquiries into the matter have now been completed and we are satisfied that the allegations contained in the book are not true in fact or substance and this includes an assertion that the author was at some time a member of the Special Air Services Regiment. The RUC is satisfied that the author has not been concerned, either directly or indirectly, in the commission of any serious criminal offence whilst serving in the Province during the period February _ June 1972 when he served as a vehicle mechanic with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. The RUC considers the book "The Nemesis File: the true story of an Execution Squad" as a work of fiction and accordingly the investigation is now closed.


War Hero
im with HVM im sure that it is as true as Comical Alis press statements:? :?
Read the book and shortly after read a newspaper article where the auther was explaining that it all started when he was talking to someone in a pub. He was 'larging' it making out that he was more important than he really was and before he knew where he was the stranger now 'friend' had got in touch with some people he knew in publishing and they wanted him to write the story.

Just a case of a BS specialist getting caught up in his own Bull.... Still took the royalties no doubt and if you're that good at talking complete krap, why not take writing up as a living?


Private Eye magazine says that the guys who published Nemesis also did the recent Lord Lucan book.

That was also complete boll*cks. Sold loads of copies though.
I have read this book. Everything in it is absolutely true.

And Saddam had 45 min WMD.....

And Hoon wasn't lying when he said everyone had all the kit they needed....
Gunny - you're right. Sinn Fein were asked for their opinion and said that about the only factual element to the book was the name of the publisher on the side. I think it was the nice Mr McGuinness rather than cuddly Uncle Gerry who said this, though. (edited to add that Sinn Fein's review of the book was 'totally outlandish'

I dimly recall that further investigation by the press implied that the author had been in hospital under observation by some gentlemen in white coats at the time he claimed to have been doing selection. This might have been a complete fabrication, of course, but he didn't sue for libel, but since I guess that a decent QC would've completely discredited him... Which, of course, the paper in question was probably well aware of.

I'm sure everyone will be delighted to know that you can find out more about Mr Bruce at

One of the interesting web pages I've seen. Well, this morning, anyway.
Started reading it when it first came out, got about ten pages in and he's on about SLRs using 9ml ammunition, gave it back to the bloke i'd borrowed it off without reading another word. Bag o sh*te.


'The Nemesis File' is a work of fiction by an ex-psychiatric patient who was seeking attention. It was vouched for by, you've guessed it, his psychiatric social worker. Bruce's description of SAS selection was particularly gripping: as I recall, he basically got recruited by a couple of Hereford supermen in the Naafi in Tidworth where he was a VM.

I doubt there was a single word of truth in it, apart from the basic details of his life.
I've read it. Its the ultimate peice of walt-dom ever to make a printed page.
"The Nemesis File"!!!??

Complete twaddle - if I was going to write a book purporting to be true in order to make money (and let's face it, it is a temptation!) I like to think that I'd at least have the wit to get the basics right! Paul Bruce's effort is staggeringly inept and can be shown to be a pile of BS on internal evidence alone. A few examples (hardback edition):

1. p5 - claim that his uncle was KIA Korea "when I was about 9 years old": on p25 he states that he was aged 18 in 1966 - clearly, therefore, he must have been 9 circa 1957; Korean War was from 1950-53! WHOOPS.
2. p47 - claims to have undergone Selection in 1970/71 (p53) and apparently reported to "Sterling (sic) Lines"; funny that "as any fule noes" it was "Bradbury Lines" for some years after the date given.
3. p51 - "the SAS men consider their life such a privilege that leave is considered unnecessary" !!!???
4. p52 - apparently endurance phase lasted at least 3 months (!!?) and was conducted carrying "a Belgian SLR" - er, maybe Mr Bruce did but it seems odd that everyone else from that era had to carry a Mk4 Lee-Enfield.
5. p57 - "We...were given 12 map references to check into before completing the 40-mile test." Not what I've heard - you don't know where you're going beyond the next checkpoint and you don't know exactly when it's going to end; that's what makes it so hard, surely?

This is very **** of me, I know, but the sheer incompetence of the man, even as a purveyor of fantasy, irritates, and I guess I have a need to demonstrate that all the years spent dissecting historical sources have some utility outside the classroom! Lousy proof reader/ editor!
Anyone else out there that did a tour of NI handed "detained" persons over to un-uniformed folk in a civvie vehicle after picking them up at a VCP back in the day?
Got to admire the blokes balls laughing all the way to rhe bank but it was poorlybwritten tosh.
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