The Nemesis File - FFS, not again ...

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by weekend_worrier, Jan 5, 2011.

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  1. Most of you will be familiar with the story of 'Paul Bruce', the walt who wrote a bollox account of his 'experiences' with an SAS death squad in Northern Ireland, which he retracted once the RUC pulled him in for questioning in August 1996.

    I assumed that after this fiasco the publishers - John Blake - withdrew the book and pulped it, although second-hand copies did the rounds on Amazon and other sites. Instead, they've recently published a new edition. it seems that shit can be recycled after all ...
  2. Is this the bloke that was nicked for murder so had to fess up to being full of shite?

    I seem to remember bits of it being printed in one of the dailies and chuckling on the train at him switching the fire selector on his MP5 to two round bursts.
  3. It is he. His real name was published in the DTel back in '96 along with news of his real career as a mechanic with REME and a denial from 'them' that neither he, nor his peculiar weapon were ever a part of the Regiment.

    Mind you, what can you expect from John Blake? A former tabloid hack most famous for publishing Katie Price's ghost written 'memoirs'.
  4. 'Is this the bloke that was nicked for murder so had to fess up to being full of shite?'

    It's the same man. The jacket cover of the new book has an endorsement from Fred Holroyd, a familiar name amongst NI conspiracy theorists.
  5. Says it all really doesnt it. If memory serves me right Blake actually met him in a pub? The SAS walt in the pub down the road must have been gutted he missed his chance. "Thirty years man and boy..."
  6. I've just drafted the following letter to the publishers, which may (from descriptions of Mr Blake's character above) have ****-all effect.

    I've also dropped the SAS Association a line. BTW, I should add here that I have no SF or regular Army background whatsoever, but I'm fucked-off about the fact that this smear has reappeared in print.

    'Dear Sir/Madam,

    I understand that your firm has recently republished a book entitled 'The Nemesis File', by ‘Paul Bruce’, as part of your Military Non-Fiction catalogue, which John Blake originally printed in 1995.

    The 'Nemesis File' purports to be Bruce’s account of his service with a covert death squad recruited from 22 Special Air Service Regiment, and his involvement in the murders of 30 people in Northern Ireland during the 1970s. Bruce claims that the SAS unit involved was deliberately killing civilians in order to incite sectarian violence between the Catholic and Protestant communities, which if true represents a shocking example of state-sanctioned violence committed by the UK authorities against their own citizens. However, Bruce’s story happens to be fabricated, and in this respect I am astonished that someone in your firm has seen fit to reprint it as if it were a genuine, factually accurate account.

    Bruce was arrested by the Royal Ulster Constabulary (the predecessor to the Police Service of Northern Ireland) on 1st August 1996 on the basis of his ‘disclosures’. Under questioning, he admitted that his claims about an SAS death squad and his description of its activities was total fiction, and had no basis in reality. The RUC issued a statement the following day stating that he had completely repudiated the contents of his bogus memoir. Bruce’s exposure as a charlatan was reported by the national press, and I would direct you to the editions of the Daily Telegraph published on 1st and 2nd August 1996 for confirmation.

    I should also add here that Bruce (whose real name is Paul Inman) has no record whatsoever of having served as a trooper in the SAS. Inman’s military record shows that he served in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, and his service in Northern Ireland was confined to a four-month tour from February-June 1972, during which time he worked as a vehicle mechanic, rather than as part of a clandestine assassination squad. I am sure that if you approached the Ministry of Defence for elaboration, they would provide it.

    The conflict in Northern Ireland was an intensely controversial one, and in this war and others like it accusations have been made of official misconduct and of abuses committed by the British Army. Such claims should be examined, and if proven then it is important in a democracy that officials and soldiers who are responsible should be held accountable for the crimes they have committed.

    However, I am appalled by the fact that a discredited and fake memoir by a fantasist has been published as if it were genuine history. I should also add here that Mr Inman’s fabrications have caused considerable offence within the British special forces community, and SAS veterans in particular have taken grave exception to the fact that an individual who never served with their regiment has seen fit to tarnish its honour by accusing its members of the deliberate murder of innocent civilians.

    I therefore hope that upon reading this letter, and familiarising yourself with the veracity of 'The Nemesis File', that you take the only decision which is appropriate for any publishing firm concerned about its reputation; namely that you withdraw it from your catalogue and recall all the copies at the earliest available opportunity. For as you can see from the above, it is not fit to be printed as anything other than a work of fiction'.
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  7. I wish I had thought of trying that line on the pull. The Balcony thing was old hat by about 1985; undercover fenian-hunter sounds as if it might have been worth a try though.

    Now that it's been republished, I wonder how many mongs will turn up and start walting about their secret missions whacking Paddy.
  8. apprantly martin and gerry were asked about it duing the all too brief investigation they just laughed.
    At least we did'nt spend several hundred million on an inqury
  9. His head's on upside-down!

    Paul Bruce, uber-walt and utter throbber.
  10. I whacked a Paddy once, he hit me back though so I whacked him with an ashtray. Does that mean I'm in? Blinding.

    I'll have to get a stick on 'tache though as when I grow one I look more like Terry Thomas than a meat eating dealer of death and typing.
  11. but look at the other quality books the suggest
  12. Is the vampire files also from their non-fiction range as well?
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  13. vampirse do be reallys it says on the internets

    just checked it out and it seems to be a teengirl wankfest- about the trumpets out of the twilight films
  14. If he had a full head of hair and wasn't quite so chubby he'd be a ringer for Gerry Adams!
  15. It's not just for teens. I have a 40+ female colleague at work loves 'em. I bought her a "Twilight" card for her Bday with that Pattison dick on it. Her response? "Real Vampires don't glitter..."

    "Real Vampires" FFS From a 40 year old woman. The things you see eh?
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