The need for H4H is a national disgrace

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jim24, Jun 5, 2011.

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  1. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    BBC breakfast did a piece of propaganda on H4H this morning, here are my thoughts on it, as posted on the BBC breakfast Facebook page

    "Your report on Help 4 Heros was nothing more than party political broadcast on behalf on the previous government and pure propaganda, H4H is a national disgrace, the fact the the Labour government managed to con Bryn and Emma Parry into providing funds for the treatment of SERVING wounded members of the armed forces who had been injured on duty, makes a complete mockery of the farcical military covenant "

    We can give money to shithole countries so they can , buy jets to transport there stolen oil money to Switzerland,( Nigeria). Build a space program, nuclear weapons and arms industry, (India)ect and yet our government cons this country into getting charity to pay for care of the people who put there lives on the line, IMHO a f@cking disgrace.
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  2. Any links, I just looked and couldn't come up with anything
  3. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    BBC News - Help for Heroes set to hit £100m after Paris bike ride

    Forces' charity Help for Heroes is set to reach £100m in public donations, after three and a half years of work.

    It is hoped a fundraising bike ride through the battlefields of France will push through the barrier, raising £1m.

    Around 300 of the charity's supporters will start the bike ride from Portsmouth on Sunday afternoon, finishing in Paris on Friday.

    The charity builds specialist recovery centres for soldiers injured in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Some of the cyclists have lost limbs and will be using their hands to operate their bikes.

    Andy Newell, who was one of the soldiers who inspired the charity, is taking part in the ride.

    He was shot through the arm by a rogue Afghan policeman while he served in Afghanistan and spent months in hospital.

    The retired Para told the BBC: "People stepped up to the mark for me when I needed it, from Help for Heroes and other soldiers I knew and didn't know helped me, so I want to do my bit for them."
    'Faith in humanity'

    The charity's founders, Bryn and Emma Parry, say they are amazed at the public's generosity.

    But they urged people to continue their support to ensure it could provide a lifetime of support for men and women who have sustained life-changing injuries.

    Bryn Parry, said: "It has really restored my faith in humanity - that people are prepared to do this, and they're not just giving money, they're giving of themselves, and most of the money we raise is people doing something."

    They said when they launched the charity they expected to raise a few thousand pounds.

    Emma Parry said: "One of my very special memories was opening, or a cheque being opened in the office, for £98,000 in January 2008. We'll never forget it.

    "We opened the cheque and read the amount - I think someone had to come and check that it was the right amount - it was just phenomenal to think someone would be generous enough to do that."

    The charity raised £8m towards the building of a swimming pool and gym complex at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court in Headley, Surrey. The complex was opened by Prince William last year.

    Help for Heroes is also building several other recovery units across the UK.
  4. I have enormous respect for the work of Mr and Mrs Parry. They saw that previous Governments had abandoned the care of our sick and wounded and did something about it. The indictment against Government stands, but H4H is another great British charity.

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  5. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Couldn't agree with you more, But, the care of serving personnel is the responsibility of government and should not be shopped out to a charity, As the report says H4H is actually saving the government a fortune, where it should only be enhancing the care of the wounded, not becoming the main provider of funds, Danger Spindocters at work
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  6. I understand you perfectly, but I'd advise you phrase it better. A lot of people will see 'H4H a disgrace' and then shit all over you, not bothering to read the rest of what you have to say. 'Lying govt. a disgrace' would be a better expression if you're going ot go off on a letter-writing spree.
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  7. H4H do outstanding work for those injured fighting for our country, but why should they have to? We are away doing the dirty work for the Goberment, so they should look after us as it should be within the Military Covenant!
    H4H should move away from assisting those still serving (responsibility of the Goberment) and work closely with those that are injured and have through no fault of their own been discharged form the forces.
    How the hell H4H had to help build the new swimming pool at Headly Court i will never know! Me thinks that yet again the Cyclops screwed over the charity of the nation whilst saving money for other countries.
    0.7% of our countries money going overseas, when it should go to helping our serving soldiers and not to buy arms and ammunition to hurt our own!
  8. Look on the bright side, as long as CivPop is prepared to pay, the new care units will remain open. As the funds are not collected by Government, they cannot be "re-directed" away from their intended target.

    If you are concerned where your taxes are being used, imitate the action of the Parrys and do something swift and bold.

  9. agree with the above comment Jim, i read the title and thought you were giving grief to the charity. Its an imbarassment for the gov.

    I believe these new personel recovery centres will gel all the forces charioties together and will hopefully provide a common location where all current and ex serving members of the forces can seek a little help or assistance and all will be provided under one roof
  10. I agree.

    There is nothing to indicate that there is anything wrong with this charity merely an inference that HMG is profiting by its performing work that should fall within tax payer funded activities.
  11. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    At the moment there are over 4000, supposed military charities, that's almost one charity for every 40 or 50 squaddys, just how many are really doing any real charity work, the government tactic of getting charity to fund the care of the injured has opened up the floodgates for a bunch of con artists A-La PTSD Worlwide founder Alec Webster
  12. Charities tend to be very good at looking after themselves. It's pretty normal for them to have massively paid staff members.
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  13. True! Unfortunately, this has probably been the case since the Napoleonic wars.

    SEE NEW SWINDLE IN FUND FOR 69TH - Swann Causes Arrest of Man Who Solicited Funds as Friend of Colonel Conley. BROKER FURNISHED $1,000 Prosecutor Says Prisoner Is One of "100 Per Cent Boys" Sought in Bazaar Inquiry. - Article -

    The Montreal Gazette - Google News Archive Search
  14. We have hopsitals and schools supported by charitable donations.
    why should defence not be supported by charitable foundations as well.

    The title is misleading, H4H is not a disgrace, but the circumstances that required its creation are. Personally I agree with the point made earlier. Money in the H4H tin does go to benefit servicemen AFAIK, if I was reliant on my taxes to carry the weight then goodness knows how my money would be "creatively" spent.

    (anyone know how much of the money given goes to the projects and how much is tied up in "administration" ?
  15. The charity commission website lists all assets. It's a lot of money that goes to these large businesses.