The Navy Will Win

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Jerrycan2793, Mar 27, 2010.

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  1. In order to concrete my position as cock of the week, I have been told that I have not posted anything controversial.


    Im posting this

    THE NAVY ARE GOING TO WIN THE BABCOCK TROPHY, Because the army is full of woopsies
  2. You didn't need to create a new thread. Posting your travel itinerary for Saturday was quite enough.

    If you post your return itinerary, you could be in with a chance to win two weeks running.

    PS You haven't allowed for weekend engineering works.
    There isn't a 15:30, you will just miss the 15:00 and will have to wait for the 16:00. This means that you will miss the train for the final leg of your journey, but this may be replaced by a bus service anyway, so you'll still be late. The result will be that you'll just miss the evening meal as well. It's a bugger.
  3. Navy win? They won't put any effort in; It's a trophy not a fukcing Ipod :D
  4. Now you've gone and done it...
    Yep. Whenever anyone makes the obligatory crack about iPods in every RN-related thread, I daresay someone else is bound to mention the West Side Boys. :lol: Note that HMS Argyll's helos helped search for the captives.

    I don't need to look for them. I just collect 'em as we go along. :D
  5. I just love the "You surrendered" chant that echoes round HQ every year.

    As for the OP

    a) Doubt it.

    b) Don't care anyway, because I'm not going for the rugby.

    It's a day of drinking interrupted for 80 minutes by 15 fat blokes and 15 Fijians.
  6. Dunservin is that that paragraph on permanent Clipboard for you to paste in forums ?
  7. It certainly is. I regard it as a 'work in progress'. :D
  8. Weren't two AAC Lynxes based aboard ARGYLL for the rescue?
  9. Admittedly, the T23's hangar can only stow a single helo (typically, a Lynx Mk 8 or Merlin) but I merely cited the linked article. I've certainly implied nothing about any rescue operation; you've done that: :p

    Jungle search after kidnap of British soldiers
    As for the Beans & Gravy match, no doubt the winner will be the team that fields ANY Fijians. Oh for the days when the RN still trained Kiwis before the MOD made the price prohibitive. :cry:
  10. At a recent RN warm up match against Esher, in which we got hammered, I collared one of the Navy training team at half time and asked him about our chances of beating the Army this year. His answer was short, to the point and involved a lot of swearing. Think i'll stay in the car park this year!
  11. They were thrashed by the French Navy last weekend in Toulon :D
  12. F#ck the rugby, bring on the drinking!!!
  13. There is rugby??????????????????
  14. Any of you feckers sort me out a few tickets