The Navy - They really don't get it

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hellmans, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. Had a planning meeting at work today which involved a couple of planks from the Royal Navy, a WO and a CPO. They turned up in waterproofs with pace sticks and proceeded to strut around like they fecking owned the place.

    The WO was tall and fat and his jnr oppo had small man syndrome. Both thought they were God (not realising there was in fact a Sapper already there) and the Fatman's answer to anything that didn't go his way was 'well I'll take it up with the Commadore' with little oppo nodding and saying 'yeah, yeah'.

    Matelots with Pace sticks! FFS, thats like Gok Wan wearing rigger boots!

    It reaffirmed my opinion that the Navy should not leave camp when on dry land!
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  2. 2 GIs? Did you use long words (like good morning) to confuse them? What were you doing?

    And yes, they shouldn't be let out; frankly they shouldn't be allowed near a parade ground, but there we go.
  3. I did ask if they now let people with walking sticks join the Navy as I greeted them. Didn't find that funny for some reason!
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  4. They are morons. I apologise.

    But on the other hand, I did give an RSM apoplexy when I marched my little Platoon to the right of the line in a joint parade. I didn't really care where his regiment came in the order of precedent, I just know it's behind me!
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  5. Not all the Navy is like that MittMayo, just most of it!
  6. Gunnery Instructors. Not the sharpest of tools in a box set to one side to collect blunt tools which are beyond economical repair. Though the waterproofs seem quite sensible, as it was raining this morning. Probably a coincidence.
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  7. You should have confused them by saying "Brittania waives the rules"
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  8. Precious. ;-)

    First COmmand.jpg
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  9. Got the impression they were the Naval equivilent of Drill pigs, Agreed on the waterproofs but it added to the overall picture. Not a lot of call for pacing out in a Town centre.

    cnuts (it is the NAAFI after all!)
  10. One of those clever PO fuckers once got all het up, tired and emotional, at the sight of me walking on the grass and ignoring his incessant whistle, I was overboard apparently, he wanted to turn out his boat party (QRF) to "rescue me!

    I told him that I hadn't seen his fucking dog and that he should grow up and fuck off, which didn't calm him much.

    Then a cheerful officer butted in and told him I worked for LAND and so was probably entitled to trample his brine.
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  11. Actually, this is the fucking NAAFI, stop trying to be serious!
  12. I've had a RA WO1 bollock me on my sideburns; apparently Officers under the rank of Brigadier aren't supposed to answer back. The look on his face :D
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  13. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    Where you out walking your panther noir?
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  14. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    I once had an RA RSM try to bollock me for my mustache, I was a lowly Cpl, his face went a funny colour when I told him the wife liked it, he bollocked grunt Bdr instead.
  15. Oh, those navy types are cards, ain't they? Just wait until the A v N match.

    Reminds me of last years rowdy spectator comments.
    When the wavy navy briefly drew ahead it brought forth shouts of "You've got time to practice now you havn't got ships anymore".
    Then the Army stole the lead and romped away to shouts of "You shouldn't spend so much time bumming each other and practice more often".
    Oh dear...........
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