The National Veterans Awareness Campaign

Military Mental Health CIC and Hire a Hero have come to an agreement to work alongside each other for the benefit of Service Veterans. On April 2nd 2011, following this agreement,we will be relaunching Hire a Hero, The charity which aims to get newly discharged armed forces veterans into employment. At the same time we will also be formally launching The Veterans Awareness Campaign. This launch will be a full on approach with full media & press coverage and many big named companies will be invited to attend the launch and support this very worthwhile cause.

National Veterans Awareness is being launched to not only respect veterans of the past but in recognition of all veterans for their contribution in the service to our country. The armed forces is an occupation that, unlike most careers, expects those who serve to sacrifice freedoms that the majority of the British public take for granted. As a result many ex service personnel are affected by their service, whether that be through making the transition from military to civilian life, physical impairment or psychological distress. The public are more aware than ever before but we need to ensure that this continues and that services, in particular the NHS, are aware of the unique psychological and social issues that veterans face on a daily basis.

National Veterans Awareness Campaign will raise awareness in the following ways:

• Military Veterans Awareness Seminars: This will be directed towards public sector including; The NHS, The Criminal Justice System, Job Centre Plus and Local Authorities. The aim is to raise awareness of the Psychological and Social Challenges that veterans face

• Veterans Stress Management: This will be directed towards veterans equipping them will coping skills and knowledge about their own vulnerabilities

• Veterans Mental Health Awareness for Families: Aimed at the families of veterans equipping them with knowledge so that they can support their loved ones

• Media: This will be directed towards the general public through the internet, publications, radio, TV and Newspapers

The overall objective is to contribute towards increasing awareness into the psychological and social challenges that face veterans and in so doing, foster understanding and respect for ex-armed forces veterans in recognition of their service to our country.

To add your support subscribe to the National Veterans Campaign by visiting: National Veterans Awareness

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