Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SPIDERMONKEY, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. Please excuse me if this has already been posted, or it is in the wrong place.

    This thread relates to a petition on the Downing Street web-site:

    There are two excellent reasons for signing this Petition:

    1. It is A VERY GOOD THING.
    2. It might also just give that swine Brown something else to worry about.

    Number 10 Downing Street has approved a petition that was requesting a new public holiday falling on the Monday after Remembrance Sunday in November each year. To be known as the National Remembrance Holiday, it's purpose is threefold:

    1. To emphasise the remembrance of those servicemen and women who have given, and continue to give, their lives for the country.

    2. To remind people of the importance of protecting our Nation and what it stands for.

    3. To break that 3-month period between the August Public Holiday and Christmas when there are currently no long weekends (especially as the UK has fewer public holidays than most European Countries).



  2. DONE
  3. Done
    Damn fine idea
  4. Signed

    Posted about this in my own forums a couple of weeks back.
  5. Signed

    and a damn fine idea
  6. Signed
  7. Great idea,

    Petition signed.
  8. Signed

    You can only hope they pay attention
  9. Don't cheapen Remembrance Day by turning it into a bank holiday. It's to remeber people who didn't make it back, not to make a start on your Christmas shopping.
  10. I too fear it will cheapen Remembrance Day. I am unhappy at the clapping of the public during the ceremony as it is. For the Chavs of this world and others who have no reason/want to reflect on this solemn occasion, it will turn into a "what shall we do with these 4 days off?" I would like to keep it as it is and if another public holiday is required around this period of time then Oct 21st might just be appropriate.
  11. I'm with Lasalle - to hear "Quick, sale ends at Ikea THIS Rememberance Holiday, 6 pm!" would seriously cheapen what is (and should ever remain) an utterly solemn, respectful occasion. It would not increase awareness of the issues - and we already have Armistice Day, which is not a holiday. IMHO it is far more important to see a town stop what they are doing and stand still and silently for two minutes in a normal day than slap a bank holiday on the event. Just my tuppence worth.
  12. terroratthepicnic

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    I feel a remembrance bank holiday would but good, but I also see how it will be cheapend by just about every retail outlet in the country.

    Besides at the moment there are only 17875 signatures, I doubt that would be enough to get the attention needed to make this happen.

    Edited for being in mong mode
  13. Ok then along with the bank holiday bring in legislation to ban the opening of shops etc on the remembrance sunday, make it a day where people do have the time to reflect and the one day in the year you can spend with the family and have a little quality time.

    Parade/Service in the moring followed by a curry lunch at the legion or sunday dinner at home and a few quiet beers with a chance to meet up with old friends/comrades, without the inevitable B&Q is open we can just pop in there and choose the new wallpaper etc.