The National Memorial Arboretum - Alrewas

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rackcatchplunger, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. Paid a visit to the Memorial today - well worth the visit to anyone who has not yet been.

    For those planning to attend the Remembrance Service there next week, you are advised to get there early as they are expecting quite a few hundred.
    Parking facilities available on site and adjacent(2), plus a "Park & ride" at Lichfield. Service starts approx 1030hrs.

    There is also toilet facilities as well as a cafe and gift shop (Not a ripoff either).
  2. I have been a few times now,once since the wall has been up,and I must agree its a lovely place.Do any of the Airborne lads know whats happening to there memorial?nothing has been done to it for ages My mucker who went with me(ex 3 para) tried ringing the number thats on the post but the number is disconnected
  3. I went on the 24th and was not allowed to visit the new Armed Forces memorial because although dedicated by the Queen the outside was not finished so even though we had come from Bordeaux - not specially - we were told by a volunteer jobsworth that we couldn't go up and look.
    There is more than one way to skin a volunteer though :roll:
  4. There was a good prog on the BBC last night about the new memorial. They showed the building of it, in between telling the story of a few of the names. From Korea to Helmand in an hour.

    Very moving stuff.
  5. Why would you call a volunteer a jobsworth (obviously meant as an insult) for doing a job that he/she is prepared to give his/her time to make a visit better for people who want to see the memorial. If there is still work in progress there are possibly dangers in there and in today's blame and claim society the management of the memorial need to take every precaution.
    I saw the programme on TV last night and have to say it really is a credit to all those people who have worked so hard to complete it and a fitting tribute to those it commemorates.
  6. Because of her bossy attitude. If you are a volunteer - and I am one - you are there to help not dictate. Before coming to live in France I was a Health and Safety and Quality Control Manager so I know all about blame and claim. If I had been rude or pushy then OK but I was not. I only stated the fact tat we had come all that way.

    Like I said, more than one way........I got my photographs without breaking ANY rules.......just by asking a polite question......nuff said!
  7. I went on Friday, outstanding memorial. Too many mates names on that wall though.

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  8. Thanks for those pictures Jack_Daniels. Next time in UK I will make a visit looks very impressive.
  9. Couple more.

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  10. While I was mooching around the shop at the Memorial I noticed a sign that said it costs £2000 a day to run it but they only receive 1/3 of that in grants, fcuking Government should pay for it.
  11. J.D I am happy the goverment don't pay for it,its our memorial for our lads and lasses not something for the goverment to make themselves feel better about by paying for it,I already do payroll giving to the ABF and would be happy to give £2.00 a week out of my wages to help pay for this