The National Car Boot Sale will only make £3 Bn

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. The guy is thicker then shit. The government is spending more money then it can make (despite the fact that it has taxed the people beyond belief) and then it tries to impress us that selling assets will make 3 billion. It must think we are stupid as that is probably about 1 months worth of borrowing for this government. Stop lending countries in Africa money and get back what has been lent.

    It should stop spending money on foolish things like 800 million for India's poor. How can we send India 800 million when it is spending billions on space exploration. Stop wasting money making prisoners lives more comfortable (and stop paying them). Stop giving immigrants cars, mobile phones and houses.

    Labour does not represent the people as it says it does, it represents its members pockets.

  2. £3Bn is about a weeks borrowing at the current rate.
  3. I may be being a bit cynical here but do you think they're selling everything off so that when the Tories take over next year that they'll be fcuked from the off?!!
  4. Lets not forget you only get the value of what the market thinks these assets are worth. Brown estimates £3Bn, it could raise significantly less.

    The total amount the Govt want is £16Bn, which would just cover what they BORROWED for the month of August 2009. Its a drop in the ocean of Brown's debt.

    Had Brown not sold our gold at rock bottom prices, he could have made this amount by selling gold while the market is high like today.
  5. I think I read somewhere that he's thinking of selling the Tote for 150 million but he could have got 400 million for it a few years back. How the fcuk was this bloke ever the Chancellor?
  6. didn't broon already try this trick when he was chancellor and mess it up by selling government property cheap to a shady property firm who then sold on said property for mega profit, i think some of it was also classed as listed buildings

    been searching t'internet for details but to no avail
  7. What really grips me is that the Dartford Crossing is to be flogged off: its already a hypocritical (how do queuing vehicles square with emissions control, and how to thousands of wasted working hours aid UK PLC...?!) rip-off whereby the tax-payer was promised the tolls would end a few years back - and now it'll become even more expensive as a juicy cash-cow for a private equity fund.....
  8. So how many of labours mates have got their wallets out ready for the profit?

  9. Maybe Gordons going to buy the Tote?

    After all, he's been gambling with this nations prosperity for 12 years now and losing.
  10. Considering the Channel Tunnel Rail Link alone cost the taxpayer nearly £6bn, getting £3bn for it and the rest of this sorry lot can hardly be seen as good value for the public purse.
  11. This is really dirty, talk about leaving the cupboard bare for the next lot, I supose it was to be expected but if I ever hear that "son of the Manse" crap again I will puke, this is hypocrasy and nastyness at it's hight and personifies Brown for what he is a spoilt brat.

  12. Show me a man who wraps himself in religion and I will show you a scoundrel.
  13. This wouldn't suprise me at all. They tried their hardest to discredit the government the last time the Tories were in power with all the strikes.

    I just wonder why Labour hate Britain so much.
  14. I stand corrected and now am even more pished off with them.

    It is time to write to the Queen asking her to rid this land of this terrible decietful so called government.