The National Army Museum Needs You

I've just had this in by email. Seems like an excellent opportunity for anyone still serving to have their say on what the museum will look like in the future:

Got an opinion on what the National Army Museum does? We want to hear it!

The National Army Museum is undertaking a radical transformation and wants to hear from serving Soldiers about the type of Museum they want to see in the future.

These groups will discuss a variety of very important issues, and we would like to hear about the aspects of the museum you enjoy and what you would want to see improved in the future.

Incentives and travel expenses will be paid, and there are two sessions scheduled for late February and June.To register your interest, please email

Tweet @NAM_London wants to hear from serving soldiers about what you want to see in their new Museum.

Project Panel Groups | Building for the Future | National Army Museum, London

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