The National Anthem

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by giraffe, Jun 10, 2006.

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  1. A bit strong for a first post I guess but having been an avid watcher for a while I thought I need to ask this question , Am I Just a really old WO2, please put me straight if I am behind the current times, but I thought the general rule was that as a member of HM forces that we should all stand up for THE NATIONAL ANTHEM .... I spent tonight in a Mess bar and only 3 people stood for the anthem......... your views .... Am I now officialy old schoool or are the values and standards genuinely slipping ... didnt notice till today am I sad or have I not seen the result till now ????
  2. My view is as a WO2 you should have opened your gob and got the lazy f'uckers on their feet with their shagging heels together, that, and that you are a member of a very slack Mess (RLC by chance?).
  3. A valued point but this is a garrison mess flooded with WO1`s and LSL types and a multitude of WO2`s your reply confirms my beliefs and i will take action on the next occasion (england match)
  4. Giraffe, Sah, that is an excellent first post.......... and, yes, they were all grown-up, responsible, adults .......... and should have known that they should stand for the National Anthem, without you having to tell them. Please don't let CNM put you off making further posts. They seem to accept my presence on here ....... but, having said that, I expect I have put the "kiss of death" on the thread.
  5. Saying in a loud and commanding voice, "Doesn't THIS mess stand for 'God save the Queen?" might prompt them - feel free to name and shame your particular Garrison. I for one would welcome the chance to inform the GSM that his mess has been infiltrated by slackers!
  6. PS FFS, they even tip the kin fans to stand up for it (bit to much to expect them to take off their chavvie headress tho!)!!!

  7. Lets not forget that the mess is home for many. In my 15 years in the mess (most as a living-in member) I found it quite annoying when a casual visitor got upperty over this sort of thing. There's a time & place for pomp & ceremony but I don't consider a mess TV room to be one of them.

    Here's a question for anyone that disagrees; If you were alone in the TV room when the Nat anthem played would you still stand?

    Edit: The mess bar is a different matter :) (I thought the OP was referring to the world cup!)
  8. It seems to me that younger members of the mess seem to think it is only at Mess Functions that standing for the National Anthem applies, and that even wearing jeans & flip-flops in the bar is now acceptable! Are Mess Rules being ignored or is it nobody seems to care anymore?
  9. Back at you with a Q - Do you do what is required of you because others are watching or because it's required of you - In a crowded mess bar watching a British team you STAND as God Save The Queen is played!
  10. This was a mess function with the accompanying bill to follow , I don`t consider myself a casual visitor as I am a fulll bill paying mess member attending every mess meeting and mess functions , unlike some LIM`s in my mess who i could mention , todays football match being the function this post has been generated from
  11. A) Non-Applicable (I'm out)

    b) Agreed; see my edit:)
  12. Edit noted, nodding head of approval for mannar of correction expressed - For my own part, I hate England (sport wise) as a jock, but I stand for God Save the Queen (in a kilt) and stand sing and scream my lungs out during flower of scotland!
  13. It's 0230 AM here (SE Asia) & i misread the initial post. Re 'flower', I'd like to see the England Rugby/Football teams have an English anthem rather than the British one.
  14. Ahhhhhhhhhh, CNM, you're from as far north as scotland!! Oh, and the mere mention of "Flower of Scotland" brings to mind a scottish mate of mine, later to become my boss, but, at that time, a student nurse, who, after a night on the piss, would give her rendition of the song, sat on the toilet floor. She was good!!!
  15. British by birth, Scottish by the grace of god/allah/budda/party central comittee....*

    *Deleat as appropriate 8)

    You in the Bovy area btw?