The nation still salutes our armed forces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by barbs, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. Just read this article and felt warm and fuzzy inside... er maybe not.

    The nation still salutes our armed forces

    DT 30 Oct 06

    Great! The Great British Public acknowledge the problems the Armed Forces face but I bet they still re-elect the government under Brown or whoever...
  2. mmmmm what a nice poll - the 11% neighsayers obviously should be conscripted into penal battalions and deployed to Helmand asap.
  3. How often do you hear it said that we need more personnel? All well and good, but where do we magic them up from? Fewer commitments with better /increased equipment for those able to deploy would be a bonus.
  4. They are better results than a kick in the teeth, after all Blair has done nothing to bring the British Forces in to a good light.

    It goes to show that average person can see past the cock ups of the government and still value the commited and professional breed of person who goes out there and faces average person's worst nightmares.

    And as for the other 11 per cent - they were probably all vegetarian, eco friendly, Swampy loving, greasy haired, tree huggin, middle class, new age traveller, social workery, Green Party voting GITS.

    Long live the freedom of opinion. (honest!)
  5. If the Army starting wage was increased to say 30k the recruitment process whould speed up somewhat.

    And yes it can be done without impacting on the budget, the cost: a thinning of senior ranks is needed, a serious rationalisation of the defence procurement system and the cancelling of some major spends and a few crap bases.
  6. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    My bold. I hope you were not passed over in another life? :relax: Your are dead on with the procurement issue. I went to a public services procurement seminar where the MOD guys tried to convince the gathered masses that we should use their suppliers for IT equipment. Yee I really wa'nt to pay twice the going rate for everything.