The Naming Standards

You know the names; Gazelle, Lynx, Samaritan, Centurion, Warrior, Challenger, Spartan, Scimitar. How come these pieces of kit get names that are so......."Grrrrrrrrrrrrr I am gonna fckuing get yer"? Who decides it?

Point is the AS90 is called what it is, how come no Grrrrrr name. Suggestions welcome to this and what the SA80 could have been better labelled.........Have I just asked a leading question?
Fox? an oversize pest what the "Lar-dee-dahs" like to hunt. Ferret? What a yorkshireman puts down his kecks. Snatch? A ladys fugde. Larkspur? tweety birdy. Wombat? a bat......:)
Good_Fairy said:
And 'Lynx' - the name of an aftershave. Hmmm - not exactly Grrrrr either is it, Flash???
Actually the Aftershave I sometimes use is called GRRRRRR! When I can't get 'Old Sock' or 'BRUTE'
I am not 100% sure of the full standards But MBT's names begin with a C this goes back to WW2 and cruiser class of Tank as opposed to light and heavy. The self-propelled Guns were named after the Clergy WW2 variants included the sexton and Priest. The CVRT series Start with a S and used names synonymous with there role i.e Spartan carried inf. Samson recovery Saladin comd Samaritan medic wheeled Recce started with the Dingo replace by the ferret and then Fox.
Back in the 1980s, there was a project to develop an Anglo-French MBT. At one particular conference, the Brits and French were all there trying to decide a name for the new beast.
The Brits were insisting that the new tank should have a name starting with a 'C' to maintain tradition, while the French were insistent on something else (I can't remember now exactly what it was, but I think it was something to do with them wanting a name that matched French military tradition).
Arguments went round and round until, at last, one of the Brit party, a tad fed up, brought the proceedings to an effective close with: " What about Crecy".


It's like when they name warships? Why do the Navy have so many mincy names for warships?

They should be called something more intimidating like:

HMS Do you F*cking want some, do you?

HMS What the Fuck are you looking at?

HMS You're going home in a F*cking Ambulance.
My Troop commander had the bright idea one Batus to name all the Spartans in an attempt to foster some unit pride the only stipulation was that the name must start with a G He sacked the whole thing when the following day the name presented included classics like
and Grot
Anyone remember if the 432's had a name.

In my time we had Stalwart, Saladin and Saracen, cargo, armoured car and APC on the 6x6 chassis, there was another, erm, Salamader which was a crash tender I think but never saw one. As I recall all heavy armour as previously stated starts with a C from Churchill or Cromwell through to Chally. Recce vehs seem to have been named after furry four legged things, Dingos, Ferrets, Foxes. CVRT as previously stated, started with S and reflected role, but there has been other bits vehicles that never seemed to have a 'name' as such. The Combat Engineer Tractor (CET) is one example that springs too mind.

As to my original question, now the red wine haze is clearing, I seem to recall that the 43 series of vehicles had a 'name' while being developed but thereafter were only refered to only by thier FV no, 432 for example.

Of course I could be rambling a whole lot of shoite. Would'nt be the first time !!


Ubique ya bass,


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