The name "Tankie"

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Dooley, Oct 15, 2009.

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  1. Just lately I have seen quite alot of people saying they want to be tankies only then to say they are not joining 1 or 2 RTR and they going in a cavalry regiment. I was know tankie was a RTR name only or has everyone now decided to say it?

  2. I always thought that Tankies referred to the RTR, served alongside 1RTR in the 80's and they were always known as Tankies to us.

    The US Army caller their tankies- 'Tankers' which sounds a bit wanky to me.
  3. 32 Armd Engineers are Tankies or Armoured farmers
  4. Now, I always thought that 3RTR were the Armoured farmers!
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  5. You are, of course, correct.
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  6. No idea of what the modern donkey walloper does or says, they're usually so inbred it's hard to understand them.
    Traditionally however, Tankies are members of the RTR, the rest are just wannabee who finally realized that, for the most part, the clever part of their regiments converts hay to manure.

    Scarletto will be along shortly, once he's finished shovelling ordure down the stables...
  7. Well to add some culture, to PE4s dribbling, i take it Nursey got lost at your Caravan park? :) Tankies are RTR, any Cav or HCR member saying they are Tankies deserve shooting.

    Didnt know anyone but 3RTR were known as the Armoured Farmers???
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  8. Cheers for clearing this up guys. I thought I was right as my grandad always said he was a tankie nothing else hahaha. I did have a person I know said he is now a fully trained tankie even though he is FR in the Light Dragoons :?. I did'nt know wether to correct him or not at the time so let it be.
  9. Whatever you do though, dont call tankies poor mans cav as it tends to upset them :wink:
  10. And don't call 'em Chav Cav or bin bags either! :wink:
  11. "Knotted Hankies" will not endear them to you either :D

  12. or Peoples Cav ........... that dont go down too well
  13. <fx pops head out of hatch>

    Nah, nothing worth engaging... Brew & Combat Sarnie up!

    <scratches bollox>
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  14. Oi TWWWWWAAAAATTTT less of the Cav! :x

    Fcuk off 'Winnet'! :D

    Winnet:- The bits of crap that stick to a sheep's fleece and follow it around all day!!! :lol:
  15. So who knows how tanks came to be called tanks ?