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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Dec 29, 2004.

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  1. Belly laughs, less dribble, a seperate forum or chatroom for crap

  2. Leave it alone

  3. Allow the NAAFI to be taken over by trivial unfunny posts about nothing of any interest

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  4. Moderate more harshly and lose the older style posters with the typical squaddie sense of humour

  1. Right then...

    Quick poll to see what people want from the NAAFI bar.

    If I'm in the minority I will shut the fcuk up and wind my neck in, if not will others do the decent thing and abide by the majority?

    Multi logins do us a favour and give the poll a chance.
  2. This should be interesting....
  3. Read my last on Little Jack's Thread
  4. We did hence the poll?
  5. how do you suggest it's done? logistics?

  6. No need for logisitics, its simple

    Think before pressing submit? thats all it takes
  7. Interested where your going with this MDN.

    I'm sure your not in the minority, but how do you decide whats crap and what isnt? We all want a good laugh out of the Naafi bar, but just because you find something dull, doesnt mean others will.

    With some careful moderation, theres no reason the Naafi cant go along as it does now. With the obvious crap threads, give them a chance to fall off the page, then weed them out every few days.

    The thing that does annoy me is that when good threads get trashed when they turn into barracking or a slagging tennis match between a couple of posters. Ruins the naafi for everyone.

  8. Great idea Boney, time limit culling sounds ideal.

    if a thread is a hit on the old doubledoverstomachcrampingmightnotmakeittotheloooopsijustfollowedthroughwhichbastardstartediti'llgetthemnexttimethec*ntandskiffthem then it can be moved to the NOW That's What I Call ARRSE 1 part of the board, no?

  9. that forum doesn't allow threads from the Naafi in there..... sadly
  10. What?!
    how can that be?
    the NAAFI is the biggest part of ARRSE.
    then can we ask the BIG Gods (CO's, hello GOD's) if we can have a NOW That's What I Call ARRSE - The NAAFI bar big, bad and dirty part 1?

  11. Like the thought beebs, but if you have another forum, dont you end up with the naafi bar being a forum full of drivel and the naafi best forum being the only one worth reading.

    Still think it should be kept as it is, just moderated differently. And having said that, most of us have posted some drivel there in the past, maybe we should all think more before we hit the keys, as MDN suggests.

  12. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    So what is the main drama with the NAAFI bar at present? Too many posts? Not enough quality threads? I would leave the forum as it is, it serves a purpose by moving irrelevant threads out of specific forums. It is the most popular forum by far and therefore has the most moderators who police it all the time. If the squaddie sense of humour is not appreciated by posters then i think you maybe on the wrong site. Leave the naafi as it is, lets not get into the "popular" clique discussion about running the board, its been done before. CC and the other Naafi mods are more than capable of handling whatever happens in there and do a good job of it, only two people can comment on the style of moderation of the boards and they are the CO's.
  13. I think you miss the point GQ.... not a snipe at moderation, more about self moderation....
  14. The only change the NAAFI needs is for its users to think before they post, and check its contents falls into the NAAFI criteria. There needs to be a name and shame sticky, with dullard of the week - and give them a custom rank of 'boring tw@t'. It'll soon get the point across.