Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by slipperman, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. Yes, its the NAAFI Bar FFS

  2. No, some threads need more moderation

  1. Here goes, with tin foil hat firmly in place and apologies if this has been done before.
    As a long serving (and still serving) member of the Regular Army, I have been an avid browser of ARRSE for a number of years and even made the leap to become a contributor during the fantastic recent Grays Lane campaign.
    In the main, I think we have a site to be proud of; upholding the highest of standards, able to highlight and eloquently debate all areas of military and current affairs, and topped off with the essential added ingredient of the famous squaddie sense of humour. :D So far so good.
    I have also started and contributed to a number of threads in the NAAFI bar, where many of the topics have left me thredders with laughter!
    However, a number of recent threads in the Bar have, in my humble opinion, descended to a level which demeans this wonderful website.
    I KNOW there is a warning sign before you enter the bar, but does that really give every poster in the bar open season to spout off with vile comments? Some of the recent comments regarding Madeline McCann and Rhys Jones have been disgraceful and fallen well below the level of acceptable humour - again, in my opinion.
    As we all know, ARRSE is avidly trawled by journalists and members of the general public and I ask are we as a community proud to associate ourselves with some of the trash posted on our website?
    Surely some additional moderation has to take place in this Forum if a thread dsescends below a certain acceptable level? I believe posting a warning at the entrance and the occasional removal of a thread to the ARRSE hole is not sufficient in some cases.
    I would appreciate the views of the ARRSE community and am prepared to be put back in my box, but it had to be said.
    I have posted this in the Int Cell, as I would appreciate some constructive comments!
  2. well thought out argument
    totally understand your point of view

    this is virtual ffs

    I know some comments aren't politically/socially/morally acceptable
    it's virtual
    accept and enjoy or ......
  3. Trust me, you are fighting a losing battle. Many people agree with your sentiments but the only option you have is to ignore the things that you don't like.

    There is a hardcore of posters on arrse that really have as much common sense as the chav scum they complain about so avidly, the excuse is always "squaddie humour", even when it isn't remotely funny.

    The reality is that it is a small number of people who just feed off eachother and compete for the title of biggest tee-wat, leave them to it mate.
  4. The Naafi Bar carries a clear disclaimer on the forum.

    If you choose to read something and don't like it, that's unfortunate. But you cannot say you weren't warned.
  5. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I have had the misfortune to catch some day time TV. I didn't like it so I switched off.
  6. Are all topics in the NAAFI bar fair game i dont know because people like my self would not prefer to go in there and post .

    why you may ask its like going in to a pub on a Sunday morning when it is men only what they speak about is gentleman's banter and they need there own space where they can let there hair down and chill out .

    the problem being a lot of people take it to heart what it is said in the naafi bar what men banter about on a web site and do in real life is totally different and in my heart on my heart's i know that the guys in the naafi bar etc would do anything to help the most vulnerable people in the u.k.
  7. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT


    This seems to work quite well
  8. The NAAFI is there for all and if the consensus agrees with you, the moderation will follow that trend.

    The NAAFI that we all crave, simply isn't there, I'm almost convinced it never was. Yes some of us like the shock factor, but was set up and it simply failed to take off.

    Most of the time I tend not to take part in the NAAFI, its just not my bag anymore, if I want a grin I tend to flick through the best of etc. Now and again a cracking thread blossoms, but with the member base as big as it is, its impossible to keep everyone happy all of the time.

    If you look at the main offenders in the NAAFI I'll bet the majoiry have never served. Not a dig, just an assumption that they don't understand then get it wrong when they join in.

    FOr classic NAAFI style posts, look in Best of and read 'Lord of the Greenie' or 'The banjo files' they are far funnier and more entertainign that 'Guns and babes' or some of the other triffic gems in there of late.
  9. Having served, I'd think you'd have a good insight into the average squaddie's mind.Some guys are constrained, officer-and-gennelmin types, many are cynical and sarcastic pricks, and some are plain bad people. These types exist in ALL strata of society, and thank G-d we have armies to employ them and their talents. Otherwise, they would (hopefully) be languishing away under the care of HM Prison Service, wasting tax dollars. It not as if they are hurting anyone in any real way. This whole "words hurt, and are dangerous" way of thought is one of the main things wrong with the world today. I say live and let live.
  10. Sorry,stuff i do read in the Naafi aint any different from what i heard on the Tank Park or in the 'real' naafi, its life, someone will always go one step further, push what you see as your boundary. Thats life and this im afraid is the internet.
  11. The NAAFI Bar is one of the few places left where 'freedom of speech' actually means just that, or as close as we get these days. I occasionally post in there, when the fancy takes me.

    Some of the stuff in there is daft and pointless, and some of it is inventive comedy of a high standard, more so than the tut that scriptwriters get paid to produce for tv. One or two subjects that have been covered I've found a bit dubious and offensive to my taste, but that's life, if you don't like it, you leave it alone.

    Having been in Civvy St for a long time and having only recently discovered ARRSE, the real humour displayed has had me rolling up on several occasions, and it reflects the Forces twisted view as I remember it. Leave the NAAFI alone, or we are going to end up in a country where every single form of expression is vetted for potential offensiveness to somebody or other.

    If you don't like it, don't go there.
  12. Quite a bit of it is below the belt, that's for sure, but it's still the NAAFI Bar.

    Perhaps making it members only?
  13. I agree with all of your comments my friend, I don't think that you will see any change though.

    Some of the comments posted by moderators fall far below what I would call reasonable or acceptable and if they can't be bothered to show any restraint then there is little chance of anyone else being bothered.

    Its a shame really because the viewpoints and opinions of a handfall of people tarnish what on the whole is a good site, I cringe sometimes when I read some of the bollox that is posted.

    Of course I am sure that any journalists that trawl this site looking for opinions or snippets of information read the disclaimer before entering and realise that it is just "banter"........

  14. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Most of them do, apart from jobsworth turds like Kira Cochrane.
  15. Good post MDN, there is some seriously funny threads but like MDN states, some members THINK they are funny by starting sick threads.

    I also agree it doesn't portray us in a good light to outsiders but what can you do. I know the type of post you are on about and dont find them funny because the original poster has set out to cause offence whilst pretending to be funny. It just doesnt work

    You will find it is a handfull of members that continue these because they think it will make them look good.

    As to a solution i'm afraid i dont know, guess we just have to put up with the twats